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  • 2022.3.15 The work of the secretary of the social gathering and the points that do not fail

    I have been entrusted with the secretary of the social gathering ... I'm the first secretary, but what should I do? Where should I be careful not to fail? Here, for those who will be the secretary at the social gathering, points and advance (... read more) to avoid failure

  • 2022.3.5 How to choose a party venue and the advantages and disadvantages of each venue

    Choosing a venue is a problem when holding a party at a company or school. I think there are many people who have had trouble thinking "Where should I go ..."? Depending on the content of the party, the number of attendees, and the position of the attendees, the place to hold is (... Read more)

  • 2022.2.5 Example sentences and points of greetings from the thank-you party

    A thank-you party to express gratitude to the teachers who took care of us. I was entrusted with the greetings of such a thank-you party, but I think that some people are worried that the appropriate words and sentences will not come out to express their gratitude. Here, I will introduce the points and example sentences of greetings at the thank-you party (... read more)

  • 2022.1.10 How to write a thank-you party invitation and example sentences

    The time for the thank-you party is approaching. Some may be rushing to send an invitation to inform teachers and parents about the details of the thank-you party. However, I rarely get an invitation (... read more).

  • 2022.1.5 What is a thank-you party? Flow until the day and recommended offerings

    While attending kindergarten / nursery school-university, we meet various people and experience farewells. The end of one stage in school is called "graduation," and each time we graduate, we take a new step. With such a graduation (... read more)

  • 2021.12.20 About etiquette at the time of dinner

    I think some people are wondering what kind of etiquette should be taken care of at the time of dinner. Also, I think that entertainment and dinner with business partners and superiors will make you feel at ease. Here, mana who wants to be careful about such a meeting meal (... read more)

  • 2021.12.6 4 example sentences of New Year's greetings

    A greeting from the New Year's party is required when the New Year's party is held. You may be wondering what to say at the beginning of the year, even though you were asked to say hello. Here, I will explain the greetings of the New Year party. Case (… Read more)

  • 2021.9.10 Three points and example sentences of year-end party greetings

    A year-end party held at the end of the year. Some people may be worried about what to do when they are asked to say hello to the company's year-end party. You don't want to fail because it's a year-end party that concludes the end of this year. Here, the dust of the year-end party (... read more)

  • 2021.9.2 What is the job of the secretary of the year-end party?

    I was appointed as the secretary of the year-end party. How can I become a “definite secretary”? You may want to know what you need to be aware of, what the secretary must do in advance or on the day, and the example sentences in the invitation. Here (... read more)

  • 2021.7.20 What is a party dress code?

    The dress code specified when attending a party. For those who don't usually have a lot of contact, being told that there is a dress code can be tense. Here is a solution to such a dress code (... read more)

  • 2021.7.17 Year-end party season and recommended reservation time

    As the end of the year approaches, many people will feel that it's about time for the year-end party season. By the way, when does the year-end party season mean? When asked again, I think there are many people who say "somehow Ayafuya". Here, forget (... read more)

  • 2021.7.16 Five points and example sentences of greetings at the social gathering

    Suddenly, you may be asked to say hello at a social gathering. For those who are new to the experience or who are not accustomed to greetings, it will be a situation that makes you think "what should I do ...". I'm used to such greetings (... read more)

  • 2021.7.14 Three notes and example sentences in the thank-you email for the social gathering

    After the social gathering, what is worrisome is a thank-you email that should be sent to business partners. What kind of email should I send to avoid being rude and to express my gratitude? I think there are some people who have been worried. Here, the social gathering (... read more)

  • 2021.7.13 What is a reception party? Manners and clothes

    I was invited to a reception party, but what kind of party is the reception party in the first place? What kind of clothes should I wear? What are the manners to be observed? For those who are invited to the reception party for the first time, it's a minute (... read more)

  • 2021.7.12 4 points that will not fail in the work of the alumni association secretary

    Let's hold an alumni association! When thinking so, what should the secretary do? If you are the first secretary, you may feel uneasy. Here, I will explain the work of the secretary at the alumni association and the points to avoid failure. Secretary (… Read more)

  • 2021.7.7 What is an advisory panel? Differences from social gatherings and manners

    After joining the company, I think there are cases where you are invited to various social gatherings. There is also a social gathering attended by executives such as the management of the company, and those who have just joined the company are "Isn't it rude?" "Isn't it a violation of manners?" (... Read more)