What is an advisory panel? Differences from social gatherings and manners


After joining the company, I think there are cases where you are invited to various social gatherings.

There are also social gatherings attended by executives such as corporate management, and people who have just joined the company sometimes feel nervous, such as "Isn't it rude?" Or "Isn't it a violation of etiquette?" Will come.

Here, we will explain the flow and manners of the social gathering.

What is a social gathering in the first place? If you want to know it again, please read it.


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What is an advisory panel?


A social gathering is a meeting that aims to deepen the friendship between participants.

It is generally done by people who belong to a certain organization or group.

It's not a very heavy atmosphere, but rather a casual meeting.


There are various social gatherings within the company, business partners with the company, and participants after the seminar.


Difference between social gathering and social gathering

A word similar to a social gathering is "social gathering."

The difference between a social gathering and a social gathering is that a social gathering is often used when strangers get to know each other.

On the other hand, social gatherings are often used to deepen relationships between relatives, such as within the company.


However, both have the same meaning of "deepening relationships", and even if you are not close friends with each other, using the word "fellowship" does not cause a big problem.

If you know the difference, use the right language for your situation.


Flow of the day of the social gathering

Then, what kind of flow is the social gathering often held?

Here, we will introduce the flow of the day, assuming that executives of companies will attend.


1. 1. Opening words


First of all, the opening remarks.

In the opening remarks, let's convey the main purpose of the meeting and thank everyone who gathered at the venue on the day.

The speaker may be a little nervous because it is the first greeting, but take a deep breath and look around and speak slowly.


I think there are many people who are nervous because they are given the greetings at the social gathering for the first time.


Five points and example sentences of greetings at the social gathering


In this article, I will introduce the points that will not fail when greeting and example sentences. This article is recommended not only for first-time users but also for those who have already greeted at a social gathering.

2. Guest greetings and toasts

After the greetings from the organizer are over, I think that there are many cases where a place for greetings from guests is set up as a representative of the attendees.

Let's have a guest who has been nominated in advance take the stage and say something on the stage.


It's easy to talk about guest greetings for a long time, but if possible, keep it short.

After the speech, encourage everyone to stand up and take a toast.


3. 3. Meals and chats


After the toast greetings, it's time to eat and chat.

Dining styles vary depending on the party, whether it's a buffet style or a course meal style.


Regarding the dining table, in the case of a party attended by executives, it is necessary to consider having them sit in the upper seat.

Ask executives to sit closer to the podium.


Four. Closing remarks

When the closing time is approaching, we will close the venue with a closing remark.

At the closing remarks, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who came all the way to the busy schedule.

In the case of business, it would be nice to be able to convey future prospects.


If you have a second party scheduled, you can tell the details before it gets noisy by telling them without a break, such as after a greeting.


After the social gathering, you must send a thank-you email to the participants.

However, many people may be wondering how to express their gratitude.


Three points to note and how to send a thank-you email for the social gathering


This article also introduces points and example sentences when sending a thank-you email that can solve such problems.

Social gathering manners

In the case of a social gathering attended by executives, we will introduce the manners that you should be careful about.


1. 1. Be aware of the seating order


Unless the place to sit is specified, it is better to be aware of the upper and lower seats unless otherwise specified.

At a party, it's okay if you remember that the upper seat is far from the entrance and the lower seat is near.


In addition, I think that you may share with other attendees by using an elevator.

At that time, the upper right is the upper seat (the left back when viewed from the entrance).

When you feel that you are in the last seat, stand in front of the panel control panel and play the role of pressing a button or holding the door with your hand.


2. Say a word before pouring sake

Before pouring alcohol, say a word.

Some people are constitutionally unable to drink much, and it is rude to pour in without asking anything just because the glass is empty.


When pouring beer, hold the jar with your right hand and attach your left hand so that the label is on top.

When pouring wine or champagne, just note that the label is on top.

For sake, don't leave the sake cup on the table, but be sure to hold it in your hand before pouring it.


3. 3. Don't talk too much

When the place gets excited, I tend to talk about myself more and more.

Just because people around you listen silently doesn't mean that everyone is having fun.

If you feel like "Oh, I'm just talking about myself ...", talk to the people around you, such as "How about you?"


One of the things you shouldn't do in communication is a conversation thief.

When I heard that the other party started talking, "Actually, I went to golf the other day ...", I talked about myself, saying, "I'm also playing golf. I'll give you a score XX the other day." It's about getting started.


If you just listen to your story, you will get tired of it.

At the same time as speaking, try to listen to the surroundings.



Follow the appropriate venues and rules and enjoy the social gathering

I told you about the social gathering.

It is said that the social gathering is "a rude lecture today", but in order to improve the atmosphere of the place, there are some etiquette and the flow of the day that you want to keep to a minimum.

Choosing a venue is also important for holding a prestigious social gathering.

The Classic House at Akasaka Prince is also suitable for holding social gatherings attended by executives.

Please use it when you are worried about the social gathering venue.




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