Party Report

What is "MICE"?

MICE which is a collective term for corporate seminars and meetings, incentives / training (Incentive), events and exhibitions (Event · Exhibition), and conference (Conference).
We will respond to various scenes and needs carefully.
Provide experiences and impressions that have never been tasted in historical buildings in downtown area.

Conference · Society

We plan from planning planning to management support according to various needs such as various conferences, corporate training, company briefing sessions and so on.
Coordinate the optimum venue according to the number of people you use and budget, and plan a meeting with high productivity.

Please arrange necessary equipment such as simultaneous interpretation booth etc. at various conferences. Of course the Wi - Fi environment is in place.

Incentive · Invitation

At parties such as ceremonies and celebrations for employees and agents, we will propose at the venue according to scale.
Please leave meals arrangement from venue coordinating.

Experience the party in the unique space that is designated also as the Tokyo Tangible Cultural Heritage.


Sports events and cultural events, exhibitions, commemorative projects and new product launches etc.
We will produce a spectacular scene, leaving a deep impression with the high level of satisfaction of visitors.

You can rent out other than restaurants and bars. The courtyard can also be used as part of the venue.


We are preparing effective venues and facilities leading to attracting customers. Please choose according to the scale and style of your choice.
We will also organize various decorations, productions and facilities that make the event exciting.
Please also consult about the use of the venue decoration to produce more gorgeous banquet.

A specialist will respond to every request in order to realize the event you wish.