What is a thank-you party? Flow until the day and recommended offerings


While attending kindergarten / nursery school-university, we meet various people and experience farewells.

The end of one stage in school is called "graduation," and each time we graduate, we take a new step.

"Thank you party" is held with such graduation.

"Thank you" means to thank the teachers and staff for their gratitude. Generally, at a thank-you party, the gratitude is returned to the teachers and staff.

Here, I will explain about such a thank-you party.

If you are attending or hosting a thank-you party, please take a look.


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What is a thank-you party


A thank-you party is a party held by graduates and parents to express their gratitude to their teachers.

Up to high school, it is often sponsored by parents, but there are many cases where graduates open at universities and vocational schools.


Flow until the thank-you party


I will tell you that you must do it by the day of the thank-you party.


1. 1. Division of roles

Once the members of the thank-you party are decided, let's divide the roles.

The main roles of the thank-you team are leaders, sub-leaders, planning / facilitators, accessory makers, and treasurers.


2. Theme decision

Let's decide the overall direction of what kind of thank-you party will be.

The thank-you party itself has the purpose of "expressing gratitude to the teachers who took care of us", but in addition to that, we will discuss how to bring out the color unique to that grade.


3. 3. Budgeting

Let's decide the budget to decide the scale and venue of the meeting.

If there is a previous hand-over material, it is better to refer to it when deciding.


There is also a way to calculate the budget based on how much the membership fee is collected per person.

In the case of a thank-you party, we usually do not collect membership fees from the teacher.

However, if you are a public teacher, you cannot receive entertainment for free because you are a civil servant, so it is better to inform the membership fee of about meals in advance.


Four. Venue decision

Once you know your budget, think about where to do it.

Whether it will be held in the park (inside the school), if you rent a restaurant or izakaya somewhere, or if it will be held at a hotel.


The venue will change greatly depending on the atmosphere of the school.


The venue for the thank-you party should be reserved 2-3 months in advance, if possible.


After deciding on a place, decide whether to eat in a standing or sitting style.

If you do it in the park, think about where to ask for catering.



Five. Think about the program of the day

Let's think about the program to be held on the day of the thank-you party.

If there are materials from the previous year, I think it would be good to refer to them when assembling the contents of this year.


In general, thank-you parties are often held in the following flow.


-Opening declaration

-Greetings from parents

-Social gathering


-Greetings from graduates and graduates

-Greetings from the principal and principal

-Closing declaration


6. Deciding what to do

Once you've decided on a program, let's think about specific things to do.


In kindergartens and nursery schools, parents are the main players, but in elementary school and above, it would be nice if children could also perform and dance.



7. 7. Present decision

Along with the greetings of the graduates and graduates, something to the teachers who took care of me Give a present Often.

For example, photo panels with lots of memorable photos and gifts with the teacher's name are popular.

In addition, we also give gifts that are easy to use on a daily basis, such as ballpoint pens and mugs.


Let's think of the teacher's happy face, select the best dish, and arrange it.


8. Role division decision on the day

The secretary of the thank-you party has a lot to do on the day.

Let's specify in advance who will do what on the day so that it will not be "who is in charge of this?"


In general, there are receptionists, moderators, greetings for parents' representatives, souvenir gifts, camera / video shooting, entertainment, and background music.


9. Creating a letter of invitation

You also have to create a letter of appreciation for the thank-you party.


Oral alone is fine, but we recommend that you create a nice invitation as it will be a memorable item for the teachers.


How to write a guide

You may be worried that you have to send a letter of invitation to inform the teachers and parents of the details of the thank-you party.

What points should I be careful about when writing a letter of invitation so as not to be rude to the teachers who took care of me?

How to write a thank-you party invitation and example sentences

This article introduces three points on how to write and issue invitations and five example sentences for each case.

If you are having trouble creating a thank-you party invitation, please take a look.


Ten. Preparation and practice for entertainment

Once you are in charge of entertainment, you also have to prepare and practice entertainment.

You may not have enough time to practice because you are too busy, but let's prepare and practice as much as possible so that the meeting will be lively and the teachers who have taken care of us will enjoy it.


11. Final meeting / rehearsal

When all the preparations are complete, we will have a final meeting and rehearsal.


If you actually go to the venue and go around, you may find problems such as the lighting not switching properly or the movement not being smooth.


To prevent the situation of "what to do!" On the day, find the problem as soon as possible and take a solution.


Flow of the day of the thank-you party


I will tell you the flow of the day of the thank-you party.


1. 1. Opening declaration

When the time comes, the moderator will declare the opening.

Not limited to the opening declaration, the moderator should be sharp and proceed.


2. Greetings from parents

Next, let's move on to the greetings of the parents' representatives.

Honorifics and titles should be taken into consideration when greeting the parents' representatives.


Occasionally, there are people who say "Principal (principal) teacher" or "XX teacher", but this is NG.

Since it will be a double honorific, if you want to add a pattern, you can say "Principal (principal) 〇〇", and if you don't add a pattern, you can say "XX principal (principal) teacher".


Greeting points

I was given a greeting at the thank-you party, but I think some of you may be worried that you can't find the right words or sentences to express your gratitude.

Example sentences and points of greetings from the thank-you party

This article introduces the points and example sentences of greetings at the thank-you party.

If you are having trouble with the thank-you party greetings, please take a look.


3. 3. Social gathering

It is a social gathering where you can have a chat while eating.

Let's all have a good time while looking back on our memories.


Four. Offer

Perform entertainment such as singing, drama, and dancing.

We also play games, bingo, and quiz competitions together.


Five. Greetings from graduates and graduates

Greetings on behalf of graduates and graduates.

At the same time, we often give presents and bouquets to teachers.


6. Greetings from the principal / principal

We conclude with a speech by the representatives of the teachers, such as the director and the principal.


7. 7. Closing Declaration

Finally, the moderator declares the closing and the end.


Recommended offerings for each scene


Here are some recommended items for each scene that you definitely want to incorporate at the thank-you party.


1. 1. [Recommended for elementary school students] Chorus

A chorus that is also a staple of the thank-you party.

If you sing a song that everyone already knows or sang in a chorus contest, there is a high probability that you will succeed even in a short practice time.

If you choose a song that has memories with your teacher, the teachers will surely be impressed.


When singing, simply decorating the stage with paper flowers or origami will make it look better and more impressive.


2. [Recommended for junior high school students] Theater

Theater is also recommended for junior high school students.

If the stage is based on school life, the audience will surely get excited.


If it seems difficult to write a script from scratch, a parody such as a fairy tale is one way to do it.

It's easy for everyone to imagine, and I think it's easy to incorporate interesting episodes such as jokes.


3. 3. [Recommended for high school students] Dance

Dance is recommended for high school students.

In recent years, the number of people who upload their own "danced" dance videos to YouTube has increased, making it relatively easy for high school students to touch.


If you make a message with human characters at the end, there is no doubt that it will be even more exciting!

You don't have to challenge difficult songs, so let's enjoy it as much as you can.


Four. [Recommended for college students] Amovie / slide show that summarizes student life

If you are a college student, you may want to give it a little more authentic.

If possible, I recommend movies and slide shows that summarize student life.

Nowadays, if you have a smartphone or a personal computer, you can easily create videos that are as good as professionals.


Most of the party venues such as hotels have screens, so if you project a video on the screen, all the participants will be excited.

Why don't you make a full-scale video and express your gratitude to your teachers, parents, and colleagues who have studied together?


Clothes at the thank-you party


I think some people may be worried about the clothes of the thank-you party.


Basically, be aware of formal attire for the thank-you party.


If you are dressed as a jacket + dress, you can attend the thank-you party after the graduation ceremony (graduation ceremony) as it is because the formalness includes gorgeousness.


Even if the gorgeous outfit is good, mini dresses that are overexposed are NG.

Don't wear bare feet or black tights.


Also, at the thank-you party, we often move our bodies, such as playing games and dancing.

Therefore, it is important to consider the ease of movement such as pants style to some extent.


How to choose a venue

Choosing a venue is a problem when holding a party such as a thank-you party.

I think there are many people who have had trouble thinking "Where should I go ...".

The place to hold depends on the content of the party, the number of attendees, and the position of the attendees.

This article introduces points to keep in mind when choosing a party venue.

Please refer to it.

How to choose a party venue and the advantages and disadvantages of each venue


Thank you to the teacher at the thank-you party

The thank-you party is a party to thank the teachers who took care of us when we were students, so we must hold it with all our heart.


The Akasaka Prince Classic House is also used as a thank-you party venue.

If you want to make the last memories with your teachers in a beautiful historic building, please consider using the Akasaka Prince Classic House.

I'm sure it will be a wonderful meeting with a smile on your face.




There is also a restaurant, and you will be satisfied not only with the food, but also with the staff who regularly serve you at the restaurant and hone your skills to help you with the party on the day.

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