What is a party dress code?


The dress code specified when attending a party.

For those who don't usually have a lot of contact, being told that there is a dress code can be tense.

Here, I will explain such a dress code.

We will tell you about the scenes where a dress code is required and the types of dress codes.

If you plan to attend the party, please refer to it.


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What is the dress code to wear at the party?

The dress code is a rule that you must dress appropriately for the occasion.

It can also be found at weddings, ceremonies, parties, and sometimes hotels and restaurants.


Where you need a dress code

Below are the places where dress codes are often provided.


1. 1. wedding


For weddings, the dress code will change depending on your position and the type of party.

The bride and groom's parents are required to dress in full dress (formal), but for friends, semi-formal dress is OK.

For casual parties such as restaurant weddings, formal dress is fine.

Choose the outfit that suits your wedding style and venue.


2. party


A dress code may be specified depending on the party.

This tendency is especially strong at parties held at hotels and parties hosted by companies.


However, if you have a casual party such as a home party, you don't need to be aware of the dress code.


3. 3. Luxury hoteMeals at Le and restaurants


For upscale hotels andrestaurants, a dress code may be specified.

In the atmosphere

If you don't look good, you may be denied entry.

It is recommended that you wear loose-waisted clothing during meals, as it is easy to tighten around your abdomen when you are full.


Dress code type

There are the following types of dress code.


1. 1. Formal wear

Formal wear refers to the most prestigious clothing.

For women, afternoon dresses are used during the day and evening dresses are used at night.

For men, the morning coat is the mainstream during the day and the tail coat is the mainstream at night.


2. Semi-formal

Semi-formal dress is one step lower than full dress.

Women wear semi-afternoon dresses and town formal wear during the day and dinner dresses and cocktail dresses at night.

For men, director's suits are the mainstream during the day and black ties are the mainstream at night.

The formal fashion that we wear most often is semi-formal.


3. 3. Formal dress

Informal dress is more casual than semi-formal.

Wear it at parties such as "Please come in plain clothes".

However, perfect everyday wear is NG.

It is common for women to wear a little more glamorous informal wear than usual, and for men to wear a black suit.


What is a reception party?

There are various types of parties such as home parties, but one of them is

There is something called a reception party. Reception parties are often business-related, such as celebrating the founding of a company.

When invited to a reception party, many people don't know much about the manners and clothes of the day.


What is a reception party? About manners and clothes


This article is a detailed introduction to the reception party. Please take a look.


Observe the dress code when attending a party

Some parties have a dress code.

Unfamiliar people may be confused as to what kind of clothes should they wear to participate.

The dress code is an important rule to maintain the atmosphere and dignity of the party.

Follow the rules and attend.

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