How to choose a party venue and the advantages and disadvantages of each venue


Choosing a venue is a problem when holding a party at a company or school.

I think there are many people who have had trouble thinking "Where should I go ..."?

The place to hold depends on the content of the party, the number of attendees, and the position of the attendees.

Here are some points to keep in mind when choosing a party venue.

If you are thinking of having a party with a large number of people, please refer to it.


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Types of party venues


The main types of party venues are as follows.

We will introduce the types of typical party venues and the advantages and disadvantages of each.


1. 1. Hotel

We will also introduce the advantages and disadvantages of having a party at a hotel.



High-class luxury hotels are also used as party venues for celebrations.

The high ceiling and solemn atmosphere make it a perfect venue for social gatherings.

Many hotels have rooms that can accommodate a large number of people, such as 100 people or more.


The scenery is particularly good on the upper floors, and it is often used for events such as international conferences, presidential inauguration parties, and company establishment parties.



In the case of a hotel, certain dishes are served, so it may be difficult to change and inflexible.

Also, at hotels affiliated nationwide, it is difficult for participants to feel special.

Ventilation is a concern because the hotel has no windows and cannot be ventilated. Therefore, in recent years, many people are worried about infectious diseases such as coronavirus.


The secretary also has a disadvantage, and since the person in charge of the meeting and the person in charge of the party on the day are different, there are a lot of troubles due to miscommunication of information.


The hotel has the advantage of being able to accommodate more than 100 people and creating a gorgeous atmosphere, but there are also disadvantages unique to the hotel, so be careful when choosing a venue.



2. Wedding hall


We will also introduce the advantages and disadvantages of having a party at a wedding hall.



A wedding hall is recommended for those who want to hold a celebration party but want to keep their budget a little more than a luxury hotel.

Many wedding halls have high ceilings and a spectacular and majestic atmosphere.


Wedding halls tend to be more cozy than hotels, and if you don't want to have a clever atmosphere, you may want to choose a wedding hall.



Unlike hotels, wedding halls are inferior in the quality of service of staff, so it is necessary to be careful when inviting people with positions such as executives.

Also, compared to restaurants, they are less specialized in cooking, so party participants tend to be less satisfied with cooking.

Compared to hotels, it is less formal, so the branding image of the host is likely to drop.


Guest houses at wedding halls are far from the station, and taxis tend to be used on the way back. On rainy days, taxis may not come in the first place, which may be inconvenient in terms of transportation.


3. 3. Restaurant


We will also introduce the advantages and disadvantages of having a party at a restaurant.



Since the restaurant is primarily about cooking, the satisfaction of party participants is very high when it comes to cooking.


Also, the price is not as high as in hotels, so if you like cooking, you can feel free to use it anytime.



The restaurant is not designed as a banquet hall and is likely to be inadequately equipped.

Since I am not accustomed to the setup when doing entertainment using sound, lighting equipment, projectors, etc., the quality will be low and the satisfaction level will be low.

Therefore, by preparing a waiting room and equipment such as sound as an option, the budget may increase in the end.


There are also party venues such as event halls, conference rooms and taverns.


How to choose a party venue when a large number of people gather

I will tell you the points of choosing a party venue.


1. 1. Attendee status

If you are going to hold a formal party where a lot of high-ranking people such as business owners gather, you need to choose a venue that is reasonably formal.

It is generally held in a large banquet hall such as a hotel.


Executives tend to prefer elegant spaces.

Also, for invited people, the history and prestige of the place is often thought to represent their status, so choosing a well-known venue is often pleasing.

Therefore, choose a venue that will satisfy your attendees without keeping your budget too low.


2. Location

Location is also an important factor in choosing a party venue.

If possible, choose a place with good access, such as near the station.


Some guests may be dissatisfied if they are far from the station or in a confusing place.

Especially women wear high heels and many people attend parties, so you should be careful.


Also, in the case of lesser-known venues, taxi dispatch may be postponed depending on the weather.

It can be annoying to party participants.


For company parties, consider the proximity to the company building.


3. 3. budget

Budget is also an important point.


Choose a venue after calculating how much participation fee will be paid per person and how much assistance will be provided for parties such as companies.


Even if it is within the budget, it is meaningless if the cost performance is poor.

Make sure that the atmosphere, venue facilities, and contents are suitable for your budget.


What is a reception party?

One of the typical parties is the reception party.

But what kind of party does a reception party mean?


What is a reception party? About manners and clothes


This article is a detailed introduction to the reception party.

It also introduces etiquette and clothes in detail, so it is a recommended article for those who plan to attend the reception party in the future.

Please take a look.


Let's have a party that will satisfy our guests


I told you about the types of party venues and the points of how to choose them.

Choosing a venue is an important part of a successful party.

If the venue is shabby or unpleasant, it can lead to unsatisfactory parties.

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There is also a restaurant, and you will be satisfied not only with the food, but also with the staff who regularly serve you at the restaurant and hone your skills to help you with the party on the day.

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