Example sentences and points of greetings from the thank-you party



A thank-you party to express gratitude to the teachers who took care of us.

I was entrusted with the greetings of such a thank-you party, but I think that some people are worried that the appropriate words and sentences will not come out to express their gratitude.

Here, we will introduce the points and example sentences of greetings at the thank-you party!

If you are having trouble with the thank-you party greetings, please take a look.


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Points for greeting at the thank-you party


Here are three points to keep in mind when greeting the thank-you party.


1. 1. Summarize briefly

Even at the thank-you party, long greetings are not very pleasing.

Summary short to prospect for 2 to 3 minutes Let's keep that in mind.


Especially at nursery schools and kindergarten thank-you parties, if the story is long, the children may get bored.


When it comes to greetings, I just think "what to say", but if you can consider things like "how will the listener feel when you hear this story", it will be easier to cut off the extra story.


If you don't feel like talking within a few minutes, it's a good idea to prepare the manuscript in advance.

Instead of reading the manuscript, remember the points and try to speak with your face up as much as possible.


2. Express gratitude

The thank-you party is a meeting to convey gratitude to the teachers for their help.

It is sometimes held in a big way by renting a gorgeous venue such as a hotel or restaurant.

Because it is such a meeting, let's firmly convey the feelings of gratitude that we could not convey on a daily basis.


By including specific episodes such as what happened while you were in school and what kind of growth you were impressed with, you will be able to recall more things and convey deep gratitude.


Don't be too formal, just put your thoughts into words.

That frank thought seems to strike the hearts of the teachers.


3. 3. Keep smiling during the greeting

It may be nervous to say hello in front of everyone, but at the thank-you party, it's okay if the greetings get a little jammed.

The more you try to speak well, the more nervous you are and the more likely you are to fail.

Instead, keep a smile on your face to create a peaceful atmosphere.


If you are uneasy, you may want to smile first and then start talking.


A smile gives people a sense of security, and it is effective even in a slightly rigid space such as school.


Make sure to give a speech with a smile to relax the atmosphere of the place.


<Middle heading> Example sentences of greetings that can be used at the thank-you party

Here are some example sentences that can be used in greetings from the thank-you party.


1. 1. Example sentences that can be used at kindergarten / nursery thank-you parties

Today, the graduation ceremony has just ended, and thank you for joining us in a busy place.


It is XX of XX pairs. On behalf of my parents, I would like to say a few words.

We would like to thank all the school staff who have been involved with our children, such as teachers △△, □□, vice-principal, and director, to this day.


Thanks to the teachers, the children who were fighting, fighting for toys, and sometimes being too energetic and harassing the teachers and parents were able to safely celebrate today's sunny day.


Even at today's graduation ceremony, everyone sits firmly in a chair and listens to the teachers.

Seeing that, all of us parents are very grateful to the teachers who once again realized the growth of their children and raised them so much.


And sometimes, as a childcare professional, I would like to thank you for taking the time to consult with us as a fledgling parent and for giving us appropriate advice.


We, the parents, pray for the further development of XX Garden in the future.


◇◇ Thank you very much for your help during the year. Thank you very much.


Today, we will hold a small thank-you party to convey our thoughts to the teachers.

We also have entertainment, so please relax with your teachers.



2. Greetings that can be used at the thank-you party at the elementary school

On behalf of the parents of this year's graduates, XX will give a greeting.


Thank you for holding a wonderful graduation ceremony today.


Children who went to school with a large school bag on their backs when they first entered the school have grown so much in six years.

This is also thanks to the guidance and encouragement of the teachers. Thank you again.


Today, we have set up a small dining table to express our gratitude to the teachers.


I think that such opportunities will decrease after graduation, so I hope that you will have a good time today by discussing the memories of the six years together.


<Subheading> 3. Greetings that can be used at the junior high school thank-you party

The principal and the teachers in charge and deputy teachers of each class have been very helpful for three years.

I am XX to the thank-you party executive committee. On behalf of my parents, I would like to thank you.


My child, who had an innocent face when he first entered the school, has grown taller after three years and has become completely mature.

I am really glad that I attended this school because I was trying to get victory and success by uniting with the teachers at every event such as sports festivals and school festivals.


In addition, there were many students who were worried about their career paths, and I think there were many students who consulted with the teachers.

Thank you for giving each and every one of you the proper and heartfelt advice.



I think some of the teachers have been burned by cheeky and rebellious students.

Maybe some teachers scolded me hard and watched over the growth of adolescents.


With each of these teachers' words and actions in mind, the students will set out on a new stage.


I would like to express my gratitude to the teachers who have patiently guided the students so far, so today I have set up a small dining table.


Please chat slowly and congratulate the students on taking a new step in their lives.


Well then, I would like to conclude my parents' greetings.

Please feel free to relax.


How to write a thank-you party invitation

Some may be rushing to send an invitation to inform teachers and parents about the details of the thank-you party.

Some people may be wondering how to write without being rude to the teachers who took care of them.

In this article, I will introduce 3 points of how to write and issue invitations and 5 example sentences for each case.

Please take a look.

How to write a thank-you party invitation and example sentences


Thank you to the teachers at the thank-you party

We introduced the points of greetings from the thank-you party and example sentences that can be used in kindergartens / nursery schools, elementary schools, and junior high schools.

The thank-you party is a place to express gratitude to the teachers who have taught us so far.

Instead of thinking "Let's say hello well!", It's better to behave brightly with a smile to convey your gratitude.

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