Restaurant La Maison Kioi

Restaurant La Maison Kioi

Kioi Town, an intersection of history and culture.
A crowd of people gathered in a quiet green forest home.
The cuisine of La Maison Kioi, while refined Tokyo French,
Taste that remembers something nostalgic that evokes an important memory that you want to eat again and again.
It is also a designated tangible cultural property of Tokyo and at this place where the memory of the history was kept,
Please spend some time with your loved ones.



"Japanese French" that combines Japanese and Western ingredients. We use seasonal ingredients abundantly and prepare menu that you can feel the four seasons. You can enjoy cooking from the sight in a playful presentation.

Cafe afternoon tea

You can spend elegant moments while enjoying cafe Guruman or popular classic afternoon tea, a small piece of small sweets specially made by the pastry chef, on the open terrace where the space and wind used as a noble room blew up at that time. .

Bar Napoleon

Since it opened in 1950, Bar Napoleon has been loved for a long time. Taking over the same name, it has been reborn with five different concept rooms. We offer beer, wine, whiskey and other fine wines, as well as original cocktails.
※ We have 500 yen for one person seat charge.

Private room

You can use as a private room the room which kept the feature at the time of the founding. Perfect for small group gatherings, such as meetings and dinners. Relax in a private room that combines classic and modern.



Number of seats
182 seats (indoor 96 seats terrace 36 seats bar 50 seats)
business hours
lunch 11: 00-14: 00 (14: 00L.O)
Cafe 11: 00-23: 00 (22: 30L.O)
Afternoon tea 12:00-16:00
dinner 17: 30-23: 00
* FOOD LO 21:00
* CLOSED 23:00
bar Mon-Thu 18: 00-23: 30
Fri 18: 00-24: 00
Sat 19: 00-24: 00
Sun 19: 00-23: 30
* FOOD LO 22:30
* DRINK LO 30 minutes ago
Smoking / Non-smoking
All seats are non-smoking
Restaurant phone number