Restaurant La Maison Kioi

Restaurant La Maison Kioi

Kioi Town, an intersection of history and culture.
A crowd of people gathered in a quiet green forest home.
The cuisine of La Maison Kioi, while refined Tokyo French,
Taste that remembers something nostalgic that evokes an important memory that you want to eat again and again.
It is also a designated tangible cultural property of Tokyo and at this place where the memory of the history was kept,
Please spend some time with your loved ones.



"Japanese French" that combines Japanese and Western ingredients. We use seasonal ingredients abundantly and prepare menu that you can feel the four seasons. You can enjoy cooking from the sight in a playful presentation.

Cafe ・ afternoon tea

At that time, the space used as a guest room in the mansion and the open terrace where the wind blows through, you can spend an elegant time while enjoying the afternoon tea set and seasonal parfait whose theme changes according to the season.

Bar Napoleon

1950年に開業して以来、長い間愛され続けてきたバー ナポレオン。同じ名前を引き継ぎ、5つの異なるコンセプトのお部屋と共に生まれ変わりました。ビールやワイン、ウィスキーなど銘酒を揃え、オリジナルカクテルもご用意しております。

Private room

You can use as a private room the room which kept the feature at the time of the founding. Perfect for small group gatherings, such as meetings and dinners. Relax in a private room that combines classic and modern.


Weekday 11:30-16:00(14:00 Last Order)
Weekend 11:00-16:00(14:00 Last Order)

■Afternoon tea
Weekday 11:30-17:30(15:30 Last Order)
Weekend 11:00-20:00(18:00 Last Order)

■High tea 17:30-21:00(19:00 Last Order)

Weekday 11:30-17:00
Weekend 11:00-17:00

Mon. - Thu. 17:30-21:30(19:00 Last Order)
Fri. 17:30-22:00(19:30 Last Order)
Weekend 17:30-22:30(20:30 Last Order)

■Bar Napoléon
Sun. - Thu. 19:00-22:30(22:00 Last Order)
Fri. - Sat. 19:00-23:00(22:30 Last Order)

■Closed every Tuesday