What is the job of the secretary of the year-end party?


I was appointed as the secretary of the year-end party.

How can I become a “definite secretary”?

You may want to know some points to keep in mind, what the secretary must do in advance or on the day, and the example sentences in the invitation.

Here, for those who are new to the secretary or who want to do the secretary work without failure, the know-how related to the secretary of the year-end party is released!

To make it a lively year-end party, read it in advance and make sure you don't fail on the day.


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Points that will not fail in the secretary of the year-end party


If you are the secretary of the year-end party, be aware of the following:


1. 1. Fulfill participants' requests as much as possible

Being appointed as the secretary of a year-end party does not mean that you can decide at will.


When you become the secretary of the year-end party, be sure to incorporate the requests of your superiors and others.


If you are advised that you like the store over there, first check the store, even if you don't like it.

If you cannot use it due to the location or schedule, there is no help for it, but if possible, it is better to say "It is recommended by Mr. XX" and the recommended side will be pleased.


The secretary is required to have this kind of caring power.


2. Simulate the contents of the day in advance

Simulation is essential for the success of the year-end party.

For example, if you find a store and make a reservation before making a reservation, you can increase the success rate of the year-end party.


One of the things I want to check is the access from the station.

If you feel that it is easy to get lost when you actually go, attaching a map or telling in advance the way you are likely to go by mistake may reduce the delay of participants.

Also, take a look at the room and see if everyone can enter it or if there is a space for entertainment.


If the simulation is solid, even if an unexpected situation occurs, it may be possible to deal with it appropriately.

On the other hand, if you proceed randomly, you may feel sorry for the participants who participated when something happened.


3. 3. Be attentive in the venue

The year-end party is a party where everyone gets excited with the aim of working for the year.

Even if you are the secretary, there is no problem in enjoying the atmosphere of the place.


However, it is NG for the secretary to gather with only some people and chat without worrying about the surroundings.

Keep an eye out for people who aren't in the conversation, and if you have enough food and drink, while blending into the circle.


You may be advised to drink, but don't drink too much while you're the secretary.


Let's take the initiative to make everyone smile.


Secretary's work at the year-end party


What should I do if I am assigned as the secretary of the year-end party?

Introducing the work contents (advance, on the day) that the secretary of the year-end party should do.


The following is what the secretary must do by the day before the year-end party.


1. 1. Schedule planning

Let's make a schedule first.


Where should the year-end party be scheduled first?

Let's confirm the schedule of the invitation by checking the superiors who are required to participate and the schedule of the invitees.

Once the date and time have been decided, we will consider when to reserve the store and when to create the participant list.


In recent years, it seems that many people use the schedule adjustment tool to adjust the schedule to check with colleagues in the department.


About the year-end party season

Year-end party season and recommended reservation time

This article explains the year-end party season and when to make a reservation for the year-end party.

If you are the secretary of the year-end party, please take a look.


2. Venue selection

Once the schedule is decided, I'm looking for a venue.

In recent years, it is easy to search using the Internet and SNS, and

Since you can see a lot of user's impressions and reviews

It applies to conditions such as date and time, access, and charterability

Let's pick up the shops that the participants will be happy with.


In the case of a company year-end party, it is easy to be pleased if the store is near the company or the nearest station.


Meals and alcohol are also indispensable as elements to liven up the year-end party.

A shop that serves delicious food and sake will naturally make the year-end party exciting.


Make the right choice after consulting with your budget.


Also, when holding a second party, be sure to list the shops around the first party venue that are suitable for the second party at the same time.



3. 3. Venue reservation

Once the venue is decided, make a reservation.


Make a reservation for the venue at least one month in advance.

If you are holding a large number of people, or if you are going to use a popular shop, it is better to make a reservation at least two months in advance.

Some shops offer discounts by making an early reservation.


Make an early reservation so that you don't want to have a year-end party but can't find a remarkable venue.


Four. Determining program content

If you need a program, such as entertainment or a show at a year-end party, think about what you plan to do.

There are also places to entertain, such as quizzes and bingo competitions, for reasons such as activating communication between employees.

In that case, advance preparation is required for the success of the offering.


I think there are companies that have to ask for greetings even if they don't have entertainment.


After deciding who to ask for, such as opening greetings, toast greetings, and closing greetings, please be polite.

The opening remarks are often given by the person with the highest position among the attendees, the toast remarks are often given by the third person, and the closing remarks are often given by the second person.


If possible, request one or two weeks before the year-end party to give the other party a preparation period.


Five. Sending a letter of invitation

Send a letter of invitation to the people involved at least one month before the year-end party.

If a business partner also invites to a year-end party, a letter of invitation will be mailed, and a guide email will be sent to those involved in the company.


When you know the estimated number of people, let's report it to the store.


6. Document preparation

Once you have confirmed your attendance, make a list of participants.


Also, if necessary, create a progress chart.



The following are the tasks that the secretary should do on the day of the year-end party.


7. 7. Venue preparation

On the day of the meeting, please arrive at the venue 30 minutes before the reception starts.


We will make a final check with the shop staff to check if there are any missing items such as seating order and entertainment.


Also, check the toilets and smoking areas so that we can guide you.


8. reception

The receptionist will sit at the reception and refer to the participant list to collect the participation fee.

Recently, there are cases where the participation fee is paid in advance by using internet transfer etc., so be careful not to double the collection.


9. host

At the start time, the moderator will declare the opening.

After that, the moderator will continue to proceed with the program while watching the schedule and the situation of the venue.


After the closing, let's make an announcement of the second party.


Ten. payment

The treasurer uses the money collected from the participants to pay for the store.


The treasurer can do it the next day after making the payment, so make a financial report so that you can see if the money was spent properly.


11. Homecoming support

After the closing, guide the people who go to the second party to the second party venue, and let the people who come home know the nearest station and bus stop.

Choosing a place for the second party

It's a second party after the year-end party, but the standard ones are bars, izakaya, karaoke, etc.

As a point of choosing a store, it is recommended that it is closer to the venue of the first party without burdening the participants.


Example of year-end party invitation



Here is an example of a letter of invitation for the year-end party.


1. 1. For outside

Year-end party information


Dear Sir, We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all of you for your continued prosperity.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued patronage.

By the way, we have decided to hold an annual year-end party this year as well.

Therefore, we would like to thank you for your continued support and deepen our friendship.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate it if you could attend.




Date and time: December 2021 XX day (x) 19: 00-21: 00

Location: 〇〇 Hotel Byakuran no Ma (2-minute walk from the south exit of JR △△ Station)

URL: http://〇〇hotel.co.jp * Map


We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us by December x Sunday.




Very truly yours



* Generally, membership fees are not included in external emails.


2. For internal use

* In-house information is often sent by email.


Subject: Year-end party information

To all employees


Thank you everyone.

There are only a few left this year, but how are you doing?

Now, the season for the annual year-end party has arrived.

The event will be held as follows, so please join us.


■ Date and time: December XX day (×) 19: 00-21: 00

■ Location: 〇〇 Restaurant (1 minute walk from JR ◇◇ station)

■ URL: https://restaurant.co.jp

■ Membership fee: 5,000 yen

■ Attendance deadline: December x Sunday (x) * Please reply to this email without changing the subject.

■ Remarks: Please contact us at least 2 days in advance for cancellation. Please note that a cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations after that.


that's all


Greetings at the year-end party

Many people may be worried because they have been asked to say hello to the year-end party.

This article introduces three points to keep in mind when greeting a year-end party and example sentences that can be used for each greeting.

If you are having trouble greeting the year-end party, please refer to it.

Three points and example sentences of year-end party greetings


The success of the year-end party depends on the work of the secretary

I told you about the secretary of the year-end party.

A year-end party held to aim for the labor of the year.

The work of the secretary is important for everyone to enjoy with a smile.

If the secretary acts properly, the year-end party will naturally be lively.


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