Cedar room

A space where a classical atmosphere drifts among modern days.
Decoration suitable for a gorgeous place ,
Set up a mansion to feel calm.
It is a wedding venue filled with relaxation, fusion of old and new.

Capacity Sitting Up to 43 - 94 People

Banquet foyer (image)

Royal Room Foyer (Image)

Layout sample

Layout sample

Private salon

A bright and open reception banquet hall.
On the private terrace that continues from the venue ,
In the comfortable wind and green ,
Dessert buffet, photo time, etc.
Please enjoy.

Capacity Seating Up to 42 people

Private salon

The appearance of the mansion built in 1930 remains the same.
A space where you can feel a graceful atmosphere even in a calm atmosphere.
In the light gently shining through the skylight of the solarium
In a room of tangible cultural properties that will remain in the future,
Have a time with your family and loved ones.

Capacity up to 11 people