privacy policy

1. Terms of use

Information posted on this site is protected by the copyright owned by the group and third parties. Private use Others Beyond the legally accepted range, using and using these information is prohibited unless you have the written permission of this site in advance.

2. About link

The link to this site is free for principle, as long as it meets certain conditions, not for the purpose of profit. In addition, links from the following sites are strictly prohibited.

· A site contrary to public order and morals.
· A site that is likely to defame slander or defame honor for a specific individual or organization, possibly.
· A site that charges users when accessing this site by link.
· A site that could damage the Group's credibility.
· Other sites that the Group deems inappropriate.

Even if you grant the link, you may cancel the permission of the link if the group determines that the permission of the link is invalid due to various circumstances found after link permission. When linking to this site, please be sure to use text link (We will prohibit customers' use of logo mark as link banner unless prior written permission of the group) Please make sure that this site will be displayed in a separate window so that it will not be displayed in the frame of the link source. Links to individual pages may be lost without notice as the site structure and server configuration change. Please note.

This site may be linked to a third party site other than our company. Please note that we provide such links for the sake of convenience only and do not assume any responsibility for the contents of the linked site. In addition, when using the linked site, please comply with the rules on its use and use it.

3. Prohibited items

In addition to the preceding paragraph when using this site, the following acts are prohibited.

  • Acts contrary to public order and morals, or acts that fear that
  • Acts that lead to criminal acts or criminal acts, or acts that fear thereof
  • Acts that infringe on property or privacy etc of third party or this site and each group company or acts that might be feared
  • Acts that give disadvantage or damage to a third party or this site and each group company, or acts that may be feared
  • Acts of damaging the honor or credibility of a third party or this site and each group company
  • Acts of making false declarations and notifications
  • Acts of using or providing harmful programs, or acts that might be feared
  • Acts aimed at sales activities or for profit or acts aimed at preparing them
  • Actions contrary to compliance
  • Any other act that our site deems inappropriate

4. Operation, suspension, change, etc. of this site

In addition to the preceding paragraph when using this site, the following acts are prohibited.

  • The operation of this site shall be carried out at the prescribed time specified by this site.
  • This website may suspend or cancel management without prior notice for the following reasons.
    · Maintenance and inspection of equipments and systems necessary for the operation of this site and equipment update
    · Devices and systems caused by natural disasters, disasters, accidents, etc. and failures
    · Others When judging that it is necessary to cancel on this site
  • We will not be responsible for any damages caused by temporary suspension or discontinuation of this site.
  • We will be able to change this site by posting this site on the web in a prescribed manner. As a result, we will not be responsible for any damage caused by this site.

5. About SSL

On this site, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) of encryption technology is introduced on the page to input personal information so that customers can enter personal information with confidence. In SSL, the entered data will flow through the network from encrypted on your PC to the destination computer.

6. About recommended browsers

In order to use this site comfortably, the following browsers are recommended. In production, we strive not to lose appearance or lack of information depending on your environment. However, some older browsers may display differently from the design of this site. By viewing with a new browser as much as possible, you can use the services provided by this site more reliably.

When using Microsoft Windows
Recommended browser
Microsoft Internet Explorer Ver 9 or higher
Google Chrome · Firefox popular version ~ latest version

When using Apple Macintosh
Recommended browser
Safari · Google Chrome · Firefox popular version ~ latest version

7. About the use of cookie

"Cookie" is an Internet standard technology for identifying computers. In this site, information related to customers browsed through this site collected using cookies may be combined with information that identifies customers and used as customer information. We will use these information for the purpose of the range stated in "Prince Hotels & Resorts Terms of Service, Agreement Clause on Handling of Personal Information". Depending on your browser, you can change that setting to disable cookie functions, but as a result you may not be able to use all or part of the services on the web.

8. About the plug-in

This site has contents using animation, animation, PDF etc etc. These contents can be used by installing the following plug-in software. Those who do not have plug-in software can download from each of the following sites.

Adobe Reader ... Software to display PDF files.

9. About JavaScript and style sheets

Some services on this site use JavaScript and style sheets. When using this service, please turn on JavaScript setting on browser side, please use JavaScript and style sheet by changing browser setting when using recommended browser can.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
【When using Windows】
· JavaScript settings

  • Click "Tools" on the toolbar and select "Internet Options".
  • Select the "Security" tab and click "Customize level" in "Security level of this zone".
  • Check "Enable" for "Active script" in "Script" and click "OK".

· Style sheet setting

  • Click "Tools" on the toolbar and select "Internet Options".
  • Select the "General" tab and click the "Accessibility" button in the lower right.
  • Remove all checks on the displayed screen and click "OK".

【When using Macintosh】
· Setting of JavaScript and stylesheet

  • Click "Edit" on the toolbar and select "Default setting".
  • Select "WEB browser" item and select "WEB content".
  • Check "Enable script" in "active content".
  • Check "Use Style Sheet" in "Page Content" and click "OK".

10. About personal information protection

We may provide customer personal information on this site and use it for customer service. In that case, we protect personal information as follows based on the "Personal Information Protection Basic Policy". Personal information to be targeted is to identify customers individually, such as customer's name, address, e-mail address, telephone / fax number, gender, date of birth, occupation, hobby, It is information that can be done. On this site, when we provide personal information from customers, we explicitly state their purpose of use and will not use it for any purpose other than that. In handling the personal information you provided, we have a manager in charge of management and we manage it appropriately. This site will not disclose or provide any personal information of customers to third parties unless customer's consent is received. Provided, however, that this shall not apply if it falls under the following conditions.

· When you have agreed to disclose personal information to customers.
· Disclosure is required at the request of law or government agency.
· When necessary for the operation of this site, we may disclose your personal information to companies such as outsourcing parties. In this case, we will limit the personal information disclosed to only the necessary scope and thoroughly manage the customer's personal information by contract etc. to the disclosure destination. We will comply with the laws and regulations applicable to the personal information held by this site, and we will review and improve our efforts in the above items as necessary.

11. Disclaimer

  • The operation of this site shall be carried out at the prescribed time specified by this site.
  • About the information to be posted on this site, we have paid close attention from all aspects, but the usefulness, accuracy, safety (content of the information on these information, safety etc. (no error etc.) We will not warrant anything concerning operation, including correcting this in case of problems, including the absence of computer viruses and other harmful substances in this site and server etc). In addition, this site is not responsible for damage caused by impossibility of use / use, use and use of this site.

12. Governing law and competent court

The interpretation and application of the special provision clauses concerning the use and use of this site shall be governed by Japanese law unless otherwise specified otherwise. Also, regarding all disputes concerning the use of this site, unless otherwise specified, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.