Creating, Classical

As a symbol of the city many people remember their memory
The so-called "Akasaka Prince Old building" that has been loved by customers.

Built in the early Showa era, the Western-style building with a calm impression full of luxury
It is exactly a hiding place in the city.
Once you step into that special space
Beyond national and era, it seems to be drawn into an elegant world view.

For 85 years, with the development of the country,
That place that has become a special stage for various people
In 2016, as "Akasaka Prince Classic House"
I will also start making new times.


A traditional mansion, your wedding only.

Even in a heavy atmosphere,
I swear surrounded by important family and friends
A warm cottage.
As time wants to visit again,
The only unique space that exists only here.
Weave in the world
Please enjoy colorful high quality marriage.

La Maison Kioi

Delicious food ingredients around the world, modern.

A city where history and culture intersect, Kioicho.
The restaurant serving guests · La Maison Kioi cuisine,
While refined bistro,
Like to awaken an important memory that you want to eat any number of times
Taste to remember nostalgia somewhere.
In this place which kept the memory of history,
Please spend time with important people.


In the scenic space of history, we have one and only party.

A space where a classical atmosphere drifts among modern days.
Decorate fit for a gorgeous place, make you feel calm
Setting up a mansion.
It is a venue full of relaxation, fusing old and new.
Depending on the purpose and number of people, at various parties and events
You can use.