About manners at the time of dinner


I think some people are wondering what kind of etiquette should be taken into consideration at the time of dinner.

Also, I think that entertainment and dinner with business partners and superiors will make you feel at ease.

Here, we will introduce the etiquette that you should be careful about such meals.

Follow your etiquette and have a good time.


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Manners at dinner


Here are some etiquette that you should be aware of when eating.


1. 1. Enter the store a little early and get ready

If possible, the host should arrive at the venue 15 to 20 minutes before the start time.

And I will check again with the staff of the shop about today's contents.

The location of the toilet and smoking space are also important points to know at this stage.

Even if you don't know the upper seat, it's a good idea to check with the shop staff at this point.


We will pick you up at the entrance of the store 5 to 10 minutes before the start time, or in the case of a building, in front of the entrance hall or elevator.


2. Polite correspondence to the clerk

Occasionally, there are people who take an arrogant attitude toward the staff of the dinner shop.

Obviously, this is NG.

Let's treat the clerk with honorifics and thank them for providing a place for dinner.


Many people check their attitude toward the clerk.

People who are polite to themselves but have an arrogant attitude toward the clerk may leave a bad impression on the guests, saying, "The attitude changes depending on the person."


In order to have a successful dinner, please treat the staff of the restaurant as cooperatively as possible.


3. 3. Take a drink


When the other party's glass is empty, give a voice and then have a drink.

For example, if you were drinking beer, you might ask, "Are you sure you want beer next time?"


Both hands are the basics when drinking.

Also, when you have a drink, hold the glass with your right hand and attach it to the bottom with your left hand.


Also, if you can't drink alcohol, instead of categorically refusing "I can't drink", you can simply refuse "I can't drink because of your constitution ..." so that you don't break the atmosphere of the place.


Four. Treasurer secretly

At the time of checkout, let's casually leave the seat and finish it secretly.

Even when accounting at a table, it is better to consult with the staff in advance and make the accounting out of sight.


If you use a credit card, please check in advance if it can be used.


Five. Don't be distracted until you see off

When a guest says, "Let's open it now," it's important to be careful to stop saying "Don't say that ...".

You can convey the regret to the other party.


Also, give your souvenirs when you see them off.

If you give it in a bag, it is better to add a word, "I'm sorry to leave it in the bag."

It's a souvenir, but it's a good idea to have it kept at the store during the dinner.


Be careful of etiquette at dinner

At dinner, while enjoying delicious meals and chats, the manners may get out of your mind.

However, that can give a bad impression to the other party.

When you have a dinner, don't forget to entertain the other person.

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