A variety of colorful dishes full of freshness, nature's blessings and richness, reminiscent of the mansion's garden.
It is one dish that makes you feel the remnant of Auberge, full of seasonal feeling using plenty of seasonal ingredients.

Extraordinary, such as foie gras and omal shrimp
Luxurious ingredients are used abundantly, unique wedding
Tailor it to special dishes. To all our guests
It is a dish where hospitality is conveyed.

It is an indispensable source for French cuisine.
Although it looks simple, it takes time and time,
Carefully made sauce maximizes the taste of ingredients
Draw out, add coloring to your dish.

Completion of dishes is in front of guests.
For example, a hot soup is a serviceman at the guest table
By pouring, you can also enjoy the aroma rising at the moment you serve.
One dish to be finished in front of you is not only tongue but also eyes, with ears,
It is a dish that you can enjoy with your senses.