The work of the secretary of the social gathering and the points that will not fail



I have been entrusted with the secretary of the social gathering ...

I'm the first secretary, but what should I do? Where should I be careful not to fail?

Here, for those who will be the secretary at the social gathering, we will introduce the points to avoid failure and the work contents in advance, on the day, and the next day.

If you want to fulfill your responsibilities as a secretary, please hold down the points and make the meeting a success!


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Points that will not fail when you are entrusted with the secretary of the social gathering


Here are three points to keep in mind so that you will not fail when you are assigned as the secretary.


1. 1. Confirm the purpose of the social gathering


After confirming the purpose of the social gathering, let's schedule, select a venue, and prepare for entertainment.


If the purpose of the in-house social gathering is to interact with other departments, it may be better for the secretary to decide the seat so that the people in the same department do not get stuck.

If the awards ceremony such as MVP is the main event, it may be better to choose a venue with a luxurious stage that will make the celebration more enjoyable.


Even for the same social gathering, the appropriate program and venue will change depending on the purpose of the meeting.


Think again about what the purpose of the social gathering is to make the meeting a success.


2. Make a schedule



Scheduling is important once you are the secretary of the social gathering.


Not only when the social gathering day will be, but also how many months in advance the store will be decided and the venue will be reserved, when will the preparations for the project be made, and when the attendance deadline for the participants will be. Make sure you have a good schedule, such as when to create a list of participants.


If you do it without making a schedule, people around you will not trust you.

Since everyone does not want to participate in untrustworthy social gatherings, there is a possibility that the number of participants will not gather and the meeting itself will not be held.


In order not to break the meeting, let's schedule well including the contents of the day of the meeting and proceed as planned.


3. 3. Take the initiative to liven up the meeting


Let's devise so that participants will think "I want to participate!" Not only on the day of the social gathering but also in advance preparations.


Participants' expectations may be raised by simply writing "There are prizes!" When choosing a luxurious venue, stating that there is a delicious menu on the guide letter, or playing a game.


On the day of the meeting, in order to ease the tension of the place, the secretary will welcome the participants with a smile, and the moderator should be prepared in advance so that even one of the jokes can be taken in.


Each of these small attentions of the secretary changes the atmosphere of the meeting and creates a peaceful atmosphere.


It is also the role of the secretary to actively talk to and connect with other people if any of the participants are unable to enter the circle of conversation.


The main purpose of the secretary is "success of the meeting".

And the success of the meeting means that all the participants are happy with their smiles and go home.


Try to provide as much hospitality as you can to achieve your goals.



Social gathering secretary work (in advance)

Introducing the work that the secretary of the social gathering must do in advance.


1. 1. Schedule adjustment

The first task that the secretary should do is when to hold a social gathering.


Choose a date and time when as many people as possible can get together, focusing on the schedule of key persons such as bosses and business partners.


2. Venue selection

The next job that the secretary should do is select the venue.

We will select the most suitable venue after considering the place where we want to hold a social gathering, the number of people who will participate, the budget, and the necessary equipment (microphone, projector, etc.).


Many social gathering venues are now posted on the Internet.

When searching online, it is a good idea to check information such as word of mouth if possible.


If you're worried about just the information on the Internet, it's a good idea to actually go to the store and check the atmosphere.

By visiting, you may be able to grasp the advantages and disadvantages of the store that you could not understand from the information on the Internet alone.


It is difficult to make reservations for popular venues, so if possible, keep the venue in check for about half a year, especially if you are having a social gathering during the high season.


3. 3. Gathering participants

Once with a prospect to the venue, let's contact the prospective participants.


Recently, I sometimes contact using SNS such as Facebook and LINE.

You can also use other methods such as email or letter.


The invitation will include the date and time of the event, the venue, the participation fee, the deadline, etc.


Send us a guide, and when the deadline for participation is over, prepare a list of participants.

The participant list is used when collecting membership fees on the day.


Four. Think about the program of the day

Let's think about a program such as who will proceed and accept at the social gathering and what to do in the meeting.

If you have an opening, toast, or closing remarks, please consider who will be in charge in advance.


Depending on the content of the meeting, it may be good to have entertainment such as games.


By preparing prizes, etc., the possibility of further excitement will increase.



Social gathering secretary work (on the day)

Introducing the work that the secretary of the social gathering should do on the day.

The secretary should enter the venue 30 to 60 minutes before the reception starts and prepare.


1. 1. Collection of participation fee

When participants come to the reception on the day, we will first collect the participation fee.

If you tell the amount of the participation fee in advance and write "Please cooperate so that you do not get change on the day" next to it, most people will bring it perfectly.

However, be sure to prepare enough change in advance so that you will not be in a hurry on the day.


There is also a way to collect the participation fee in advance to reduce the congestion at the reception.

If you can make a bank transfer or make a credit card payment, you may want to make a payment in advance at the same time as you announce your participation.

If you collect it in advance, you will not have to worry about running out of membership fees on the day of the event due to slapstick.


In recent years, it has become possible to make transfers using various methods such as smartphone payments, so it is a good idea to try it to make the reception work smoother.


2. Moderator

One of the important roles of the secretary is the moderator.

It is best to have the right person with experience as a moderator.

If you are in charge of the moderator, be sure to check the schedule for the day and simulate in advance so that there will be no significant deviation.


The moderator is required to stretch his back and behave in a dignified manner at the moderator's seat.

If possible, prepare formal clothes and proceed with the meeting with the consciousness of "getting everyone's attention".


The moderator will preface each greeting and proceed with entertainment.


In order to proceed smoothly, let's keep the contents of the meeting in mind and behave appropriately.


3. 3. total

Even if you are in the middle of a meeting, let's make a payment after collecting the participation fee.

At the end of the meeting, I am quite busy with information about the second party, seeing off, and checking for lost items.

Let's finish the accounting during the relatively free time.


Four. Guidance for the second party

After the social gathering, I think that it may be a flow to go to the second party with excitement.

Make a list of shops that look good for the second party in advance, and let's make it possible to go after the participants are decided on the day.


Bars, taverns, and karaoke are often chosen as venues for the second party.


For those who do not participate in the second party, we will guide you on your way home.

For those who are thinking of returning home by bus or taxi from the venue, it would be helpful if you could also inform us of the departure time for the bus stop, taxi stand, and bus.


Be sure to leave the venue in time and check for anything left behind at the end.


Social gathering secretary work (next day)

I will tell you what the secretary wants to do the day after the social gathering.


1. 1. Accounting report

The treasurer should also make an accounting report to ensure that the entry fee has been used correctly.

The surplus money will be pooled, refunded, etc., and will be dealt with appropriately with the consent of everyone.


If possible, it would be nice if the accounting report could be made public to everyone by e-mail etc. the day after the social gathering.

It's about money, so be sure to respond promptly so that you don't feel distrustful.


2. Send thank you email

Send a thank-you email the day after the social gathering.

In particular, it is indispensable to send a thank-you email at a social gathering with a business partner, an in-house social gathering, or an entertainment with a partner who will continue to have a relationship.


The thank-you email doesn't have to be overly clever, but it does convey your gratitude politely.

If you tell the participants that it was a fun social gathering, it will improve your impression and may increase the number of participants who want to participate again next time.


How to send a thank-you email

After the social gathering, what is worrisome is the thank-you email that should be sent to the participants.

Some of you may have wondered what kind of email you should send to avoid being rude and to express your gratitude.

Three notes and example sentences in the thank-you email for the social gathering

Here, we will introduce notes and example sentences on how to send a thank-you email for the social gathering.

If you are worried about how to write a thank-you email, please refer to it.


Greetings at the social gathering

You may be asked to say hello at a social gathering.

For those who are new to the experience or who are not accustomed to greetings, it will be a situation that makes you think "what should I do ...".

For those who are not accustomed to such greetings, here are the points of greetings at the social gathering and example sentences for each case.

If you are nervous about greetings for the first time or after a long time, please refer to it.

Five points and example sentences of greetings at the social gathering


The secretary will liven up the party and make everyone smile

I told you the points and work contents to prevent the secretary of the social gathering from failing.

It is no exaggeration to say that the success of the meeting depends on the competence of the secretary.

If we can hold a social gathering that makes everyone happy, the relationships between the participants will deepen, and the number of people who will "want to participate!" Will increase the next time they hold it.

At Akasaka Prince Classic House, it is possible to hold a social gathering for about 20 to 200 people.

It can also be used for dinner in a private room, so if you have a social gathering, please consider it.




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