What is a reception party? Manners and clothes


I was invited to a reception party, but what kind of party is a reception party in the first place? What kind of clothes should I wear? What are the manners to follow?

For those who are invited to the reception party for the first time, I think there are many things that they don't understand.

Here you can answer any questions about the reception party!

If you are wondering "What is a reception party? What should I be careful about?", Please refer to this article.


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What is a reception party?


A reception party is an unveiling party such as the 0th anniversary of the company or the inauguration of the representative.

There are also a wide variety of reception parties, such as film festivals and new fashion brand launches.

Mostly business relationships.


Companies and brands tend to hold reception parties to entertain guests so that they can have a good image of their new products and new representatives.


Reception party outfit



What should you look like if you are invited to the reception bar tea?

Basically, if you're invited to a reception party, try to dress formal.

Men's suits, women's dresses and setups, and so on.

However, refrain from dresses with a lot of exposed skin.


It is also important to dress according to the organizer's intentions.

At a fashion brand unveiling party, it is also important to show awareness such as wearing the brand's clothes.


Depending on the meeting, a dress code may be specified.

In that case, be sure to wear the designated clothes.


There are various types of dress codes, and it is important to choose the one that suits the content of the party.

What is a party dress code?

If you are interested in the dress code, please take a look, as it is introduced in detail in this article.


Reception party etiquette


Here are three etiquette to keep in mind when attending a reception party.


1. 1. Bring a souvenir

For reception parties, membership fees are owned by the organizer and attendees may not be charged.

However, even in such a case, it is important to show your awareness, such as bringing a souvenir.

As souvenirs, baked goods, alcohol such as wine and champagne, and flowers are common.

A guideline is around 3,000 to 5,000 yen.


Bring the best souvenirs with the intention of the organizer.


2. Arrive at the venue with plenty of time

Before the opening, you should arrive at the venue with plenty of time to greet the organizers.

By arriving a little earlier, you may have the opportunity to interact with other attendees, such as exchanging business cards.

Therefore, we recommend that you prepare a little more business cards than usual.


3. 3. Watch out for table manners

Be careful of table manners.

There are many cases of standing party style, but just because you can eat as much as you want, it is NG to serve a heap of dishes on a plate.

Please keep an appropriate amount in mind.


Don't be too absorbed in cooking so that you can enjoy the interaction between the participants.


How to choose a party venue

At parties such as reception parties where executives of companies and business partners attend, venue selection becomes very important.

A venue such as an izakaya is not very suitable for a luxurious meeting where executives attend. Formal hotels and restaurants are preferable to that.


What kind of party venues are there in the first place? Also, do you know the advantages and disadvantages of each venue?

Know the characteristics of each venue and choose a venue that suits the content of the party.


How to choose a party venue and the advantages and disadvantages of each venue


In this article, we will introduce in detail from the points of selecting a venue to the characteristics of each venue.

Please take a look if you are interested.


Follow the etiquette and have a fun reception party

I told you about the reception party.

Reception parties are often formal parties such as business relationships.

Therefore, you must be careful about your clothes and manners so that the organizer will not be rude.

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