Bar Napoleon

Bar napoléon



1950年に開業して以来、長い間愛され続けてきたバー ナポレオン。
同じ名前を引き継ぎ、5つの異なるコンセプトのお部屋と共に 生まれ変わりました。
ビールやワイン、ウィスキーなど銘酒を揃え、オリジナルカクテルも ご用意しております。



Cognac, Edith Piaf, Parisian streets, Coco Chanel, Napoleon's Ama in five different concept rooms. The five concepts that are reminiscent of France are expressed in colors that image each. You can spend quality time in various scenes ... alone and with important people and business.



Beer, wine, whiskey and a wide variety of fine wines, as well as original cocktails tailored to the concept of each room. In addition, you can enjoy to keep a bottle of fine wine to suit your taste.


Weekday 11:30-16:00(14:00 Last Order)
Weekend 11:00-16:00(14:00 Last Order)

■Afternoon tea
Weekday 11:30-17:30(15:30 Last Order)
Weekend 11:00-20:00(18:00 Last Order)

■High tea 17:30-21:00(19:00 Last Order)

Weekday 11:30-17:00
Weekend 11:00-17:00

Mon. - Thu. 17:30-21:30(19:00 Last Order)
Fri. 17:30-22:00(19:30 Last Order)
Weekend 17:30-22:30(20:30 Last Order)

■Bar Napoléon
Sun. - Thu. 19:00-22:30(22:00 Last Order)
Fri. - Sat. 19:00-23:00(22:30 Last Order)

■Closed every Tuesday