Wedding Party Report

YOICHI & RIHO [Garden Wedding] A homely ceremony reminiscent of overseas in the garden of a Western-style building
Clothing Christian expression
76 people


[Garden wedding] A homey time reminiscent of overseas in the garden of a Western-style building

ーWedding party reportー

The couple, who have had many opportunities to go abroad, longed for a garden wedding that felt like an overseas wedding.

They liked the elegant and classic atmosphere of the historical Western-style building as well as the garden.

In addition, one of the wishes that the hospitality of high-quality and delicious food is also important.

We were able to provide a wedding filled with the feelings of the two of us, not being too formal while treating our guests well.

ーWedding Itemsー

The selected costume is Reem Acra, a popular brand at THE TREAT DRESSING.

The bride likes foreign movies and music, and read ELLEmariage magazines.

The groom suggested that a dress like Lily Collins would be good.
What I introduced was a dress with a lace high neck and long sleeves.

The tulip-patterned lace and small pearl decorations make this dress both classical and cute.

The color dress is a green dress that the groom and parents unanimously agree.

When a bride with a clear but soft face wears it, it will be a style that exudes dignity.

The point is that the color dress is easy to walk without being too stiff like overseas and has a presence of the leading role.

ーPhoto shootings&Family meetー

After getting ready, you can enjoy location photos inside and outside the building.

In an extraordinary space unique to a classic house

leave a lot of pictures

And after that, it's time to meet the parents for the first time and have a family meet

There is a feeling welling up in the appearance of my precious child on a sunny day

ーGarden ceremonyー

The long-awaited garden wedding blessed with good weather

An extraordinary space that does not seem to be in the center of the city spreads out

Altar decorated with green arches Live music and choir singing

For a shower of soap bubbles and a warm ceremony

ーWedding cuisineー

Treat your guests to a high-quality banquet with an open kitchen

We serve French dishes that can be enjoyed with chopsticks so that guests of all ages can enjoy our dishes.

Caviar monaka / medium fatty tuna and seasonal vegetable roasted dashi jelly

Abalone, grilled sea urchin and snow crab, charred liver butter sauce, hanaho perilla

Foie gras sautéed sushi

Oven-baked spiny lobster and scallop thermidor

Grilled Kuroge Wagyu Beef Fillet and Seasonal Vegetables Kinzanji Wasabi Miso

Eel and Japanese pepper rice with black truffle

Mango pudding and yuzu granite Yame matcha tiramisu

ーWedding partyー

The concept of reception time

Expressing gratitude in a fun time like a class reunion and girls' party with guests who meet after a long time

Incorporating many productions that spotlight the guests, full of heartwarming scenes

Give a speech to a dear friend

Since there were many children guests, there was also an act that made them happy by preparing a surprise gift.

ーChanging dressー

A bride who achieved her dream job since childhood

Re-enter with your colleagues in uniform

Kotobuki announcements and videos from guests will be shown.

A time that can only be achieved by the two of you

-Bride's letter-

Time to convey my feelings to my family who raised me with a lot of love
I sent you a letter with my thoughts that I can honestly tell you because it's this day


“The ideal wedding is a wedding that is not too formal and is filled with the feelings of the couple while thoroughly entertaining the guests.
The staff accurately picks up such fine nuances and shapes them one by one.
There were some things that we were very particular about, so he approached us down to the smallest details and made suggestions, and we were able to have a unique day.”

After the party, we received a very happy impression from the two of us.

A wedding is a place where parents who have nurtured them with care and friends who have supported them express their gratitude to their friends.
May the lives of your loved ones be enriched

-staff credit-
Hairmake: Aki Takahashi
Flower: U & TSE
Wedding planner: Erika Nishida