We have prepared an early bird plan recommended for those who want to prepare with plenty of time. As an early bird benefit, a fulfilling plan with preferential treatment for video shooting and costume retouching. This is a plan for the Royal Room, which can accommodate up to 110 people.

お見積もり例:80名様 4,377,892円

  • Weekday
  • weekend
  • Benefits
  • Small number of people
  • Within 5 months
  • this year
  • next year
  • Early stage

Features of this plan

  • 【4月中のご成約で早割あり】25年6月以降をご検討の方へお早めのご来館をおすすめいたします
    [160,000 yen special treatment + early bird discount]
    ■National Prince Hotel Group 3 nights gift
    ■ 10% off at Prince Hotel Group restaurants nationwide
    ■Treat dressing costume 100,000 yen off
    ■30,000 yen off for commemorative photos
    ■Venue fee 30,000 yen off

    《Early Bird Discount》Gift of 30,000 yen worth of movie & 50,000 yen worth of 2nd costume

Details of the plan

plan contents

Estimation example
80名様 4,377,892円

■HP限定 ベストレート保証
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