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Akasaka Prince Classic House Wedding

-A town deeply related to the Tokugawa family, Kioicho-
While it is a town where the reverence of culture and calm remain
In the Western-style building of tangible cultural property which inherits the history of Akasaka Prince
A classy private wedding will come true

Bride and groom facing each other at the wedding hall


The wedding is not the goal but the start of their lives.

The wedding vow, the beginning of their lives, ,
It ’s not just an instant form
I want them to be the two things that will follow their life in the future.
A wedding ceremony in which the two people express their wishes in words and convey them.

The moment when the bride can be most like a bride ,
A life that they will continue to walk from now on ,
May it shine long and beautiful.

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More than 80 years ,
Guests in this mansion in this era
What if I made a room for hospitality?

Born from such imagination,
Reception hall where you can feel the intersection of time.
Because of the blessed experience ,
A thing that returns thanks again in the rest of my life.

The celebration of this celebration will remain in both memories ,
Hope it will be a place that will continue to be loved by them.

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The bride and groom 2 who meet at the wedding hall


As an urban city of 1955
Akasaka Prince Hotel was born.

55 years ago French cuisine was still valuable in Japan,
To enjoy your food,
The expectations of the guests are large,
At heart we want to meet that expectation,
We have been aiming for a dish that will be loved any time.

Newly reborn in 2016
The Classic House at Akasaka Prince Is
While preserving 55 years of history and tradition,
Pursuing French cuisine that can feel something new
Satisfying All Customers
I promise to cook.

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Wedding items

Reflect the personality of the two
Numerous wedding items.

Akasaka Prince Classic House ,
The latest high-quality and sophisticated items
Available from all over the world.

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Bridal Fair

[Most popular luxury free foie gras tasting included] BIG bridal fair


Up to 500,000 yen discount for customers considering within 6 months
[Twice a month BIG fair limited, 5 major benefits]

< Visit privilege that you can always get >
Restaurant pair lunch ticket present (equivalent to 6,000 yen)
< 9:00 times participation privilege >
One additional tasting free
*Limited until the end of July

◆Historical Western-style information
◆ 20,000 courses "Rossini" free tasting
◆If you are new to us, feel free to make a reservation

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[Five food specialties 5 big benefits] Small group W x French free tasting & lunch ticket

7/19 (Sun)/8/2 (Sun)/8/23 (Sun)/9/6 (Sun)

<Up to 500,000 yen off benefit within half a year>
Small group party x Cooking-oriented people must see ◎
Special fair with 5 major benefits

[9th time participation privilege] One tasting free item!
* Until the end of July

< Visit privilege that you can always get >
Restaurant pair lunch ticket present (equivalent to 6,000 yen)
・Red pre-chef special foie gras free tasting
・6 to 42 people OK Guide to the venue with private terrace & kitchen

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