Terms of Service

Regarding the use of the banquet hall in this facility
Since we have set as follows,
Please acknowledge it beforehand
Thank you.

1. Banquet time and additional room charge

In addition, the fee for using the banquet hall within the contract time (hereinafter referred to as "party time") from the start of use of the banquet hall to the end (including the setup / removal time) is included in the predetermined room charge However, if the party time is exceeded, you will be charged an additional room charge. However, please understand beforehand that it may not be possible to respond to extension of use time.

2. Application fee

When you make a reservation at the banquet hall, you will pay the application fee with a fixed deadline. The amount of the application fee will be presented from this facility depending on the content of the banquet.

3. Down payment

We will pay the estimate estimate presented by this facility within the time limit specified by this facility.

4. Payment

All expenses relating to a banquet / event (hereinafter referred to as "banquet etc.") (In case of payment of application fee or advance payment, the remaining balance) will be charged according to the request from our facility, Please make payment within 1 month from bank transfer or cash. When there is a remainder in the application / advance payment, we will refund by bank transfer by the specified payment date. Please be aware that our facility has refrained from careful attention other than the prescribed fee.

5. Calculation of paid number

Please inform the staff in charge of this facility 3 days before the date of the banquet etc the number of people who prepares cooking etc. (hereinafter referred to as "paid number"). However, even if the number of attendees at the party date such as banquets is less than the number of paying people, we will charge a fee for the number of paid people who contacted us, so please be forewarned.

6. Cancellation charge and due date change fee

Cancellation fee or due date change fee will be charged as follows when cancellation (contract cancellation) or due date change of banquet etc already contracted.
Cancellation charge, the date of change on the due date modification date Cancellation charge or due date change fee
From the date of application from 180 days before the opening day 10% of the reservation venue "Estimated venue fee"
From 179 days ago to 90 days ago on the day of holding 60% of reservation venue "Estimated venue fee"
From 89 days ago to 60 days ago on the day of holding 80% of the reservation venue "Estimated venue fee"
From 59 days ago to 10 days ago on the day of holding Reservation venue "Estimated venue fee" in full amount
From 9 days ago to 2 days before the opening date 80% of the reservation venue "Estimated amount"
The day before the event and the day of the event Reservation venue "Estimated sum" in full amount
  • ① In the case of cancellation of the party after the party date change, we will calculate based on the banquet date that we first reserved.
  • ② Service charge and tax will not be added to the above cancellation fee or due date change fee.
  • ③ In case of expenses due to arranged arrangements etc, we will charge separately from above cancellation fee or due date change fee.

7. Arrangement of decoration, entertainment, sound, lighting etc

For decorations, signage, entertainment, banquet hostess, sound, lighting etc. related to banquet etc, please use the company designated by this facility. If you are requested by a third party other than the one designated by the facility, customers should order directly in order to smoothly manage the banquet, etc, before obtaining the consent of the facility.

8. For cases other than those designated by this facility

Size of signs, etc. to be installed or carried out of equipment and materials such as decorations, entertainment, sounds, lighting etc related to banquets etc, conducted by third parties directly accepted by customers under the agreement of the facility in the preceding paragraph Please contact us in advance regarding the contents of the display, how to install it, installation place, installation time etc. beforehand. Please understand beforehand that we may ask you to remove it if we are not based on a meeting with our facility.

9. Request for sound

Please be sure to inform the facility sales representative beforehand if you are expecting the occurrence of large sound such as musical instrument performance. However, please understand beforehand that it may be refrained depending on circumstances.

10. Damages Compensation

Customers not only damage the customers themselves, customers who have been directly requested, customers who attend banquets, etc., other related persons of customers do not damage or damage the facilities, furniture, fixtures, etc. Please be careful enough. In the event of damage or damage to our facilities, fixtures and fixtures etc, we ask that the customer, the customer directly requested, the customer who attends the banquet etc, others concerned with the customer Please repair it promptly or bear the damages.

11. Prohibited items

Since the following matters are prohibited items in this facility, we ask you to withhold.
  • ① Bringing in pets other than guide dogs, assisting dogs and hearing dogs.
  • ② bringing in items that emit large acoustics.
  • ③ Bringing in fire or flammable dangerous goods.
  • ④ Brought stinky odors.
  • ⑤ Acts contrary to laws or public order and morals, and behavior that becomes troublesome to other customers.
  • ⑥ Movement, damage, contamination of equipment and other items of this facility.
  • ⑦ bringing in foods.
  • ⑧ Usage other than intended use at the time of reservation.
  • 行 Acts prohibited by laws and ordinances.
  • ⑩ Miscellaneous items offered by the facility in concluding other terms and conditions of the banquet hall.

12. Reason for rejection of banquet implementation agreement

The facility will not be able to respond to the application in case the applicant or organizer such as the banquet etc. of the application falls under one of the following items, so please acknowledge it beforehand Please give me.
  • ① In the case of organized crime groups, organizations involved in organized crime groups, general meeting organizations, extremist behavior groups, other antisocial forces, or equivalent persons (hereinafter referred to as "gangsters, etc.") or organized crime groups.
  • ② When a group of organized crime groups or organizations such as organized crime groups is a corporation or other organization that controls business activities.
  • ③ Executive officers (who are directors, executive officers or those who conform to them) When employees, stakeholders, etc. are members of organized crime groups or related persons.
  • ④ In the case that you told the other customers of the facility to cause significant annoyances.
  • ⑤ In the event of making violent requests to the facility or employees of the facility or requesting a burden beyond a reasonable range.
  • ⑥ Protesting activities, harassment, etc. are carried out to organizers such as banquets or attendants, or these acts are expected to take place, which may cause troubles or other risks to other customers and neighboring areas In some cases.

13. Termination

  • (1) In the following cases, we may refuse to organize banquets etc. Please be forewarned.
    • ① The case violates the provisions of this agreement or there is a fear thereof.
    • ② The customer who attends the banquet etc is likely to act against laws or public order and morals or the facility side judges that other customers will be troubled.
    • ③ If the organizer of the banquet etc or the attendee finds that it falls under any of the items of the above 12 (In case the fact is found after reservation or during use, use at that time I will refuse).
    • ④ In case payment is not made by the specified date for the deposit of 2 above and the advance payment of 3 above.
    • ⑤ In the event that you can not use the banquet hall safely due to natural disasters and other reasons not attributable to the responsibility of the facility.
  • (2) (1) If it falls under any of ① to ④ and the facility refuses to implement the banquet, we will be responsible for damage caused to our facility.

14. Talks

If any doubts arise in the interpretation of items not stipulated in this agreement or the provisions of this agreement, we will resolve this after negotiating with the customer in good faith between the customer and the facility.

About the handling of personal information

  • 1. We will use the personal information of the customer who entered in this application confirmation, personal information such as attendees obtained by related meetings etc. for the following purposes.
    • ① Holding fairs related to banquets etc, sending information such as support information and contact.
    • ② Information on after-sales service to customers.
  • 2. We will not provide personal information to third parties unless we got the consent of the customer in advance. Provided, however, that if applicable, we will be able to provide personal information to third parties without obtaining consent from customers.
    • ① When necessary for smooth implementation of banquets etc. and for the execution of customer's wishes.
    • ② Based on the stipulations of laws and regulations.
    • ③ When there is a particular need for protection of human life, body or property, it is difficult to obtain customer consent.
    • ④ In cases where it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the sound development of children and it is difficult to obtain customer consent.
    • ⑤ A case where it is necessary for a national agency or a local public entity or a person receiving a consignment to cooperate in carrying out affairs under the provisions of laws and ordinances.
  • 3. We will strictly manage customer's personal information in a safe environment and in an appropriate manner. In addition, when delegating work including the handling of personal information to other companies, it is obligatory to strictly control so that personal information will not leak to and outflow to outsourcers.
  • 4. If you wish to disclose, correct, add, or delete personal information of customers managed by this facility, please request by e-mail or in writing. In this case, in order to confirm that you are the customer himself pertaining to personal information, you may be asked to present documents etc. necessary for such confirmation.
  • 5. The facility will comply with applicable laws regarding personal information.
  • that's all