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Built in the early Showa period, the Western-style building has a luxurious and calm impression.
It's a hideaway in the city.
If you step into that special space, you will be drawn into a graceful world view that transcends countries and times.

In that place, which has been a special stage for various people with the development of the country for 90 years
We will assist you in holding exhibitions and events.

  1. Can be held all day (weekdays only)
  • [Grand Garden Room (250.1㎡)] 
    All day (12 hours use) Approximate charge
    ■ High season ¥ 3,800,000-
    ■ Low season ¥ 3,000,000-

    * The estimated price includes venue fees, course meals, drinks, venue equipment, etc.
    * We also propose exhibitions and events that use both the Grand Garden Room and the 2nd floor of the Old Building (Prince Room and Private Room).
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Other venues
  • Can be reserved
    ・ The entire building is reserved only on Tuesdays. (Excluding public holidays)
    ・ Banquet space is reserved only on weekdays.

Please contact us for details such as contents and fees.
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