PARTY PLANS Banquet / Party

Private room dinner [entertainment etc.]

There are private rooms that can be used by 4 to 14 people, which are ideal for dining and entertainment.
We offer comfortable rooms.

  1. Year-round plan
Number of people
  1. Private room 4 to 14 people
    2 hour system
Utilization time
  1. Lunch 11:30-16:00
    Dinner 18:00 〜 22:00
  • 個室によって最低保証金額 (料理・飲み物のTOTALご利用料金) の設定がございます。

For details such as contents and fees
Please contact us below.

TEL  03-6261-1153

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210 (seat 4-8 people)


207 (seat 4-8 people)


208 (seat 4-8 people)


212 Hall of Mirrors (11 seated)


212 Hall of Mirrors Solarium

Incorporating the scent and taste of the Mediterranean coast
Modern French is available.

Kioicho butter cookie

[Souvenirs] Original sweets
Kioicho butter cookie: 1,650 yen