Bridal Fair

[Most popular luxury free foie gras tasting included] BIG bridal fair

  • Small number of people
  • weekend
  • a.m.
  • Weekday
  • afternoon
  • evening
  • free
  • Tasting
  • Simulated wedding
  • A tour
  • Benefits
  1. [Most popular luxury free foie gras tasting included] BIG bridal fair
  2. [Most popular luxury free foie gras tasting included] BIG bridal fair


Up to 500,000 yen discount for customers considering within 6 months
[Twice a month BIG fair limited, 5 major benefits]

< Visit privilege that you can always get >
Restaurant pair lunch ticket present (equivalent to 6,000 yen)
< 9:00 times participation privilege >
One additional tasting free
*Limited until the end of July

◆Historical Western-style information
◆ 20,000 courses "Rossini" free tasting
◆If you are new to us, feel free to make a reservation


< Visit privilege >
A pair lunch ticket gift (equivalent to 6,000 yen) that can be used at restaurants
< 9:00 times participation privilege >
Offering one additional tasting free of charge
*Limited until the end of August
< Closed benefits >
Nationwide Prince 3 nights gift (equivalent to 210,000 yen)
*Privileges may vary depending on the schedule

Flow of the day

  • Conference
  • Simulated wedding
  • Simulated reception
  • Tasting party
  • Venue coordinating (wedding production item display)
  • Tour of exhibits
  • fashion show
  • Other
  • Other
  • [Visit privilege ★] Limited to the first case! Lunch ticket gift (equivalent to 6,000 yen)
    [Limited to 9 o'clock ★] One more tasting item free! * Please do not make a reservation for a limited time *
    [Limited to the 1st case ★] A restaurant pair lunch ticket will be presented (equivalent to 6,000 yen)

Recommended points

  • Prepare large benefits Limited fair
  • Introducing the appearance of Western building designated by Tokyo Metropolitan Cultural Property and popular photo spot in the hall
  • Chef's special foie gras tasting party
  • Individual consultation by exclusive planner
  • First-come, first-served basis limited to 5 pairs Special withdrawal benefits available
Holding time / availability


Seats are limited. I am waiting for your early reservation.
Please make a reservation by telephone on the day of fair day reservation. TEL. 050-1709-1644

  • Choose a fair Fair you want to participate
    Please select
  • Reserve In reservation form
    Send customer information
  • Contact from the hotel Completed reservation from the hotel
    I will inform you
  • Fair day On the date and time of notification
    Please come