Bridal Fair

[Most popular luxury free foie gras tasting included] BIG bridal fair

  • Small number of people
  • weekend
  • a.m.
  • Weekday
  • afternoon
  • evening
  • free
  • Tasting
  • Simulated wedding
  • A tour
  • Benefits
  1. [Most popular luxury free foie gras tasting included] BIG bridal fair
  2. [Most popular luxury free foie gras tasting included] BIG bridal fair


Up to 500,000 yen discount for customers considering within 6 months
[Twice a month BIG fair limited, 5 major benefits]

< Visit privilege that you can always get >
Restaurant pair lunch ticket present (equivalent to 6,000 yen)
< 9:00 times participation privilege >
One additional tasting free
*Limited until the end of July

◆Historical Western-style information
◆ 20,000 courses "Rossini" free tasting
◆If you are new to us, feel free to make a reservation


< Visit privilege >
A pair lunch ticket gift (equivalent to 6,000 yen) that can be used at restaurants
< 9:00 times participation privilege >
Offering one additional tasting free of charge
*Limited until the end of August
< Closed benefits >
Nationwide Prince 3 nights gift (equivalent to 210,000 yen)
*Privileges may vary depending on the schedule

Flow of the day

  • 1. Bridal consultation
    Please feel free to contact us about how to choose the wedding hall and how to proceed with the preparation, as well as the cost you are concerned about, and anything that bothers you.
  • 2. Chef special foie gras tasting party
    We will prepare the hugely popular red puri traditional foie gras tasting.
    Place the goose foie gras on your mouth over the hot Japanese beef.
    Please enjoy with the perigo sauce which used truffle abundantly.
  • 3. Guidance of cultural assets, venue coordination introduction
    A thorough tour of Tokyo's designated tangible cultural property. There are lots of nice furniture such as stained glass and chandeliers so please check it out.
  • 4. Confirm your estimate and schedule
    We will propose a plan that is perfect for two people with a plan that matches your desired schedule.
    Please come with confidence even for your first visit to the venue.

Recommended points

  • Prepare large benefits Limited fair
  • Introducing the appearance of Western building designated by Tokyo Metropolitan Cultural Property and popular photo spot in the hall
  • Chef's special foie gras tasting party
  • Individual consultation by exclusive planner
  • First-come, first-served basis limited to 5 pairs Special withdrawal benefits available
Holding time / availability


Seats are limited. I am waiting for your early reservation.
Please make a reservation by telephone on the day of fair day reservation. TEL. 050-1709-1644

  • Choose a fair Fair you want to participate
    Please select
  • Reserve In reservation form
    Send customer information
  • Contact from the hotel Completed reservation from the hotel
    I will inform you
  • Fair day On the date and time of notification
    Please come