Bridal Fair

[Venue tour to consultation for quotation OK] Great satisfaction online fair * Limited to 2 groups

  • Small number of people
  • weekend
  • a.m.
  • Weekday
  • afternoon
  • evening
  • free
  • Tasting
  • Simulated wedding
  • A tour
  • Benefits
  1. [Venue tour to consultation for quotation OK] Great satisfaction online fair * Limited to 2 groups
  2. [Venue tour to consultation for quotation OK] Great satisfaction online fair * Limited to 2 groups


[Full content guide]
Recommended for those who are looking for a ceremony.
Of course, a virtual tour of the venue on the image of the wedding day,
It is possible to request your desired date and quote
Rich content.
First of all, feel free to make a reservation.


① Pair lunch ticket (equivalent to 6,000 yen) to be received at the next visit
② 10% off all Prince restaurants in Japan
③ Present for 3 nights in the Prince series of Japan
④ 30% off ticket presented at Red Puri restaurant
⑤Treat costumes 50,000 yen off
⑥ Video shooting 30,000 yen off
⑦ Costume 2 focus 30,000 yen off

[Gift when visiting the venue ※ Until the end of this month]
1. Invited as a pair to a meal at the historic Red Puri Restaurant (equivalent to 6,000 yen)
2. Popular French course equivalent to 20,000 yen (will be handed to you when you visit us later)

Flow of the day

  • Conference
    Let's talk face-to-face online.
    We will explain in detail how to prepare for the wedding and how to proceed with the search for the ceremony.
  • Simulated reception
    [Simulation reception experience at a local tour later ♪] We can guide from 6 to 94 people! A spacious venue that can be selected depending on the atmosphere and the number of people. Refer to the venue that was coordinated according to the concept, and coordinate with them like two people.
  • Virtual venue experience
    We will guide the venue virtually on the online screen.
    You can feel as if you are actually walking, including the size of the venue and the flow of guests.
  • Tasting party
    [Free tasting gift at a local tour later] Two people who participated in the online consultation will receive a free ticket for a food tasting when visiting the museum! Experience the delicious menu that guests can eat with chopsticks.
  • Simulated wedding
    [Ceremony entrance experience at a local tour later] You can experience the entrance to the actual chapel at the original chapel that is only available in the same building. The chapel without religious colors can enjoy weddings with a high degree of freedom
  • Tour of exhibits
    [There will be a wide range of item exhibitions at local tours later] On the day you visit the museum, you will also be able to sample the desserts at the reception, and you can also see the gifts, sweets, and recommended paper items to give to guests.
  • fashion show
    [Abundant lineup of dresses and kimono] We develop a wide range of costumes from delicate lace eye-catching dresses to kimonos that are supported by all generations. We will also introduce popular designs that match the image of the two in this year's latest catalog.
  • Fitting party
    [There will be a gift at a local tour later] We will introduce the popular wedding dress of The Treat Dressing and introduce it using a pamphlet

Recommended points

  • "I just want to collect information ..."
    Please contact us a lot before visiting us.
    At the next visit,
    We have prepared a lunch ticket that everyone can get.
Holding time / availability


Seats are limited. I am waiting for your early reservation.
Please make a reservation by telephone on the day of fair day reservation. TEL. 050-1709-1644

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