Glamorous and colorful
modern French

Mediterranean aroma and taste are the main ingredients that bring each dish to life.
Appetizing and modern French dishes infused with olive oils, exotic herbs and refreshing spices are what bring out the amazing flavor in each creation.
The chefs at Akasaka Prince Classic House take classic and world renowned dishes and infuse them with a twist of French essence to tingle your taste buds.

Hand selected ingredients
from around the world

No city on earth owns as many Michelin Guide stars as does Tokyo,
the cuisine capital of the world.
With each dish made from some of the world’s
most precious and highest quality ingredients,
enjoy as our chefs take you on a culinary journey
that is guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face.

Tailor-made menus

When planning any party menu,
there is nothing more important than giving each guest
the most amazing and memorable experience.
Providing each and every guest with the hospitality
and quality they deserve starts well before our chefs step into the kitchen.
Meticulously designed menus with the customer at heart
is what we strive for and is what you can expect
at The Akasaka Prince Classic House.

Tantalizing and
jubilant presentation

Beautiful and artistic culinary creations
bring your meal to new heights.
An entertaining voyage that takes you on journey unlike anything
you've never experienced before.
A truly one of kind gastronomical adventure.