About the food. Akasaka banquet and party venue The Classic House at Akasaka Prince

The cuisine is a modern French that incorporates the scent and taste of the Mediterranean coast.
Olive oil, herbs, aromas rich and light with spices, a lot of appetizing food.
We serve traditional cuisine of various regions such as couscous in Morocco and Galicia in Spain with French essence added.

It is the city with the highest number of stars in the Michelin Guide,
Tokyo is famous as the world's best gastronomic city.
From the highest quality ingredients collected from around the world,
further The Classic House at Akasaka Prince In the dishes of
Examine the appropriate ingredients and prepare the food to make the guests smile.

Considering guests to invite,
Thinking of a menu of dishes,
Hospitality to convey hearts above anything else.
We propose a heartwarming party unique to a mansion.

Beautiful for eyes, gorgeous
Many dishes like art.
The food I ate familiar is also different from usual
Full of entertainment
You must be surprised at the presentation.
The Classic House at Akasaka Prince Unique
Please enjoy the food.