Wedding Party Report

KATSUHIRO & ASAKO [At-home wedding] Time full of smiles centered on chat <Latest report>
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[At-home wedding] Time full of smiles centered on pleasant conversation

ーWedding party reportー

When I asked about the story, the couple who thought that they didn't have to have a wedding ceremony at first.

"So that each other's families can meet face to face"

"Family rediscovery"

"People who have met each other never meet in the same place"

With the support of their families, the couple decided to have a wedding ceremony.

ーWedding photosー

-A wedding with three family members-

The day of the wedding was celebrated with two precious precious children

During the location shooting time before the wedding ceremony, while the parents of both families accompanied us

Shots of two people, shots with children, shots with parents, etc.

We had a great time leaving many memories.


The Classic House at Akasaka Prince semi-royal residence

Among them, in the living room where family ties were deepened

A story of deepening family ties begins with the vows of the beginning of the family of two.

The vowed kiss scene is on both cheeks of the two children...!

A time that can only be created by the two of you. You saw the scene as a family, not just the two of you, but with children.

You can see the expressions of each important guest, and you will be enveloped in the mood of celebration with a sense of at-home distance.

ーGarden timeー

-Garden time after the ceremony-

Free time in the foyer in front of the reception hall with your loved ones after the ceremony at the chapel

Enjoy chatting with friends you haven't seen in a long time, and take pictures

Spend time with guests freely in the entire venue

ーWedding partyー

Creating a space where all guests can relax and enjoy themselves

The closeness of the distance where you can casually talk and the cozy space

It was one of the things the two of you cherished.

I can see each person's smile

Taking pictures while toasting

While watching the guests' reactions and happy faces up close

It became an irreplaceable time to spend in the same space

-Bride's outfit-

Monique Lhuillier BLISS

Luxury and elegant using fine silk
And it is a sister brand of Monique Lhuillier, which has a lovely atmosphere.
Inheriting Monique Luillier's happy worldview
We continue to create wedding dresses that tickle the hearts of women.
It is the only brand in Japan that is handled by THE TREAT DRESSING.

The wedding dress you chose is delicate and beautiful, and features a three-dimensional lace.
Softly contours to the bride's body to achieve feminine curvaceous beauty
It was a wedding dress that made the beauty of the bride with outstanding style stand out even more.

The color called blush color with a slight pink color
Gently followed the bride's skin and gave a sense of transparency

It can also create a relaxing atmosphere.
It was a perfect wedding dress for the couple who wanted to spend a cozy day.

ーWedding partyー

Because the two of you are really important people

Plenty of pleasant chats so that you can slowly get involved with such people

I made time to go around the table with my two children

Also, they wanted their parents to know what kind of past they had been through.

We proposed a time to introduce the guests at each table while tracing the history of the two.

The guests happily smiled at the two of them.

Parents and family members were happy to watch the event.

The wedding was not only for the two of them, but also for their families.

wedding of a lifetime

That's why I want to make the best day memorable

The wedding ceremony of two people wrapped in many smiles and impressions

It was definitely a special day that I will remember for a long time to come.

-staff credit-
Photo: Ravi Factory TETSU
Flower: U & TSE
Wedding planner: Eri Hasegawa