Bridal Fair

[Small group marriage of 6-42 people] red pre-specialized free trial with fair

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  • weekend
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  • Tasting
  • Simulated wedding
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  1. [Small group marriage of 6-42 people] red pre-specialized free trial with fair
  2. [Small group marriage of 6-42 people] red pre-specialized free trial with fair


A Western-style building that earns great support for small weddings
Recommended for those planning a small wedding with a family or close family up to 42 people
Just because you are an important guest, you will be entertained with delicious food and fine space.

Flow of the day

  • Conference
    Ask anything about family marriages and small weddings. Our full-time wedding planner will take care of you.
  • Tasting party
    [Taste the red pre-made special sweets] There is also sales of baked confectionery that you can bring out the delicious and beautiful dessert made by the pastry chef who actually trained in France to experience the relief food that conveys the hospitality of the two people.
  • Venue coordination
    A tour of the Tokyo designated tangible cultural property.
    There are a lot of nice furniture such as stained glass and chandeliers,
    Introducing a sense of flower coordination.
  • Tour of exhibits
  • Other
  • Other
    It is also nice to spend the day before and the next day at a hotel luxury just because you are a hotel wedding. The wedding will be more special time.
  • Simulated wedding
    【The wedding entrance experience】 You can experience the entrance to the actual chapel at the original chapel located in the same building. The chapel that has not been religiously colored can enjoy a highly flexible wedding ceremony
  • Simulated reception
    [Experience the atmosphere of the reception] There is time to be able to tour the banquet hall coordination. Please feel the atmosphere of the banquet room just like the day, such as the lighting of the venue, the lighting, the sound, etc.
  • Fitting party
    We will exhibit the popular wedding dress of the treatment dressing and introduce it using brochures.

Recommended points

  • Popular bridal fair only for customers considering a small party party
  • Chef, tasting party of pastry special gem (Please inquire details)
  • Individual consultation by exclusive planner
  • First-come, first-served basis limited to 5 pairs Special withdrawal benefits available
  • Guidance on coordination of photo spot and venue of Western building designated by Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Holding time / availability


フェア当日のご予約はお電話でお申し込みください。TEL. 050-1709-1644

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