Memory of the city

A city deeply related to the Tokugawa family, Kioicho.
The quiet appearance and the fragrance of culture
Although it is a town that remains remarkably
Many of the world's leading fashion brands
Grand Maison has set up a flagship store in this town.

In 1930, this Kioicho
A mansion of a family member who is a key person of the country is built.
And in 1955 the Akasaka Prince Hotel
It has been reborn as the beginning place.

For over 80 years, its appearance has not changed ,
Together with this town of Kioicho
I keep watching the development of Tokyo.

Memory of the city
Memory of the city
Memory of the city
Memory of the city

Building · appearance

Steeple arch is characteristic
It was built with a style called Tudor style
"Akasaka Prince Classic House"
By the hands of the Imperial Household Master craftsmen
It was created carefully.

This building which is also a designated tangible cultural property of Tokyo ,
In Tokyo, which is changing rapidly, even now and now ,
It will continue to remain unchanged.
Contrast between beige and dark brown wood,
A number of decorations made in the hall
It calms down and creates an elegant atmosphere.

This space quietly standing in the center of Tokyo ,
We invite visitors to unusual moments.

Building · Statue image
Building · Statue image
Building · Statue image

Tokyo-designated designated tangible cultural property keeps watching the city

Adjacent to Nagatacho and Akasakamitsuke Station, to be born in central Tokyo
"Tokyo Garden Terrace".
An international complex urban area embraced by greenery and history
Office, hotel building, commercial facilities in concept
I have
On this Tokyo garden terrace ,
The Classic House at Akasaka Prince Is reborn.

This residence is Tokyo's designated tangible cultural property.
It is surrounded by green trees, quietly standing and watching over the city.

  • Akasaka Prince Classic House exterior

Akasaka Prince Classic House exterior

The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho

Adjacent Hotel ,
The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho
When getting off the elevator from the top floor of the 36th floor ,
There is a skylight lobby in the colonnade.
Spread as far as you can see
I can see the wonderful view of Tokyo.

It also became the origin of the name of the hotel
In the word 'gallery'
In the feeling of euphoria as when visiting an art museum ,
He says he wants him to enjoy it at his own pace
A wish is put in it.

Quietly standing in the Tokyo Garden Terrace ,
To forget the hustle and bustle of the city
The time spent in private space is
I promise to be a relief for bliss.

  • Guest room "Deluxe King"

  • Sky lobby / Open bar

  • Spa & Fitness / Indoor Pool

Office / hotel building with a height of 180 meters where the hotel enters on the upper floor 7 floors

The hotel enters the upper floors 7 floors
Office / hotel building with a height of 180 m

Restaurant "All Day"

Restaurant "All Day Dining"

Wedding Produce

The two who walked each way ,
It overlaps one.
The thought I want to convey, what I want to cherish.
A piece of puzzle that was scattered
Just like to fit each one.
While listening to the story of the two ,
I will make it up together.

A number of sophisticated items.
Professionals who can realize their longing.
I can only make it here ,
I have a special time.

Wedding Produce Image
Wedding Produce Image
Wedding Produce Image
Wedding Produce Image

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